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Floating By
by Marybeth Lopez


Hello , Marybeth Lopez  with you today. I created this fun little card with friendly ghost floating by, even the " Boo" looks friendly.

I used Poppystamps : Halloween Assemblage,Whittle Scary Guys ( not :), Boo Poe Script and Autumn Fairy Jewels. All linked below.


I found this striped piece of vellum, it seemed just perfect for some light and airy ghost floating around on the card.


These Poppystamps ghost are just too cute ! At first I just had the 3 larger ghost then decided to add the two smaller Whittle Scary Ghost and love the way they added so much to the card. I love using the Autumn Fairy Jewels for the eyes , it couldn't be any easier. Just plop on. I used the same size on the small and large ghost.


I cut the boo out twice and layered it. Since it is so fragile I used spray adhesive to adhere together. You can still take your time and use glue. I have a small box I keep my spray in and I use that whenever I need to spray the adhesive to my intricate die cuts. 


Thank you for the visit today friends. I hope you can find some time to enjoy some crafty time and relax.

I hope you have a blessed rest of September. 





Mixing it up with Hot-foiling and Distress-Inking!
by Sphoorti



Hello Poppy Peeps!


It's Sphoorti again!


A while back, I busted out my hot foiling gear and went all in on a creative binge. While in the zone, I whipped up this absolute beauty using the PSF809 Leaf and Tendril Hot Foil Plate, and some stunning Opal foil on a white card panel. Now, if you haven't dipped your toes in the magic that is Opal foil, prepare to be mind-blown – it's like the holographic unicorn of foils! When the light hits it just right, it possesses this ethereal quality. But, and here's the catch, when it's not vibing with the lighting, it practically disappears into the background.


In a moment of doubt, I came this close to ditching this beauty, thinking it was a total bust because the foil's wow factor on plain white card stock just disappeared. I wished there was a way to induce some serious color into that panel.


Then it hit me! Distress inks! Duh!


I reached for my beloved distress inks, including Wilted Violet, Twisted Citron, Mowed Lawn, Lucky Clover, Mermaid Lagoon, and Candied Apple, and went to town with some serious inking. I gotta say, the panel turned out absolutely gorgeous!


For the next step, I used the 2530 Large Stitched Envelope and Postage craft die to cut an envelope from vellum. Additionally, I utilized the 2464 Marzipan Alphabet craft die set to create a set of letters.


I stuck the vellum envelope onto the opal-foiled, distress-inked panel, and creatively arranged the alphabet letters both inside and outside the envelope, and bam - I ended up with this!





I shared it with a friend and she asked about the intention behind the letters. I clarified that I had intended for only the silver X and O to be prominent, The other letters were picked randomly to give it a cool, abstract vibe without any particular meaning. To lessen confusion for the recipient, I carefully mixed in different letters, letting them overlap so that it made it hard for anyone to try and figure out secret messages. That seems to have done the trick!




I had these cute puffy heart stickers leftover from a previous project, and I decided to scatter a bunch of white hearts to make it look like they were spilling out from the envelope.




After that, I just used foam to give the X and the O a bit of dimension, and I was good to go!


Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Would you want to remake this card? Would you do anything differently? Let us know in the comments below! Also - heads up! The Poppystamps Winter 2023 Release is out and it's absolutely amazing. Be sure to check it out!


Thank you for visiting!




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Snowman's Warmest Wishes
by Rachel Duong

Hi It's Rachel here with a sparkly Poppystamps "Sweet Nordic Snowman" sending the warmest of wishes to you. This glittery cutie is just a sampling from the abundant, amazing Christmas release at Poppystamps --- available now!

IMG_2888 (1)

To create this card I die cut the snowman's hat, scarf and top from the gorgeous Memory Box "Poinsettia Garland" double sided floral papers. Next comes glitter paper for the base of the "Arched Gothic Cathedral Window".  (The paper packs are listed below.) 


I die cut the top piece of the arch in pearl paper and glued the pieces together. A thin layer of vellum over icy blue paper is the backdrop for the window. I added the layer of vellum to give it a softer effect.


The "Christmas Banners" stamp and die set is full of festive greetings and I chose "Warmest Wishes" because I thought it was a play on words, being that this snowman is inside a house, not outside! 


This brings us to the background. I decided to use patterned paper for the background. It actually becomes pretty wallpaper adorning the room. So how does the snowman stop from melting inside?! I will leave that to your imagination! Then I adhered the card front to a white card base leaving a fine border. Finally I embellished the window with "Autumn Fairy Jewels" .


Thank you for taking time to stop in. I hope you love this wintery card as much as I do! It's light and airy, floral vibe says snow might be just around the corner. The Poppystamps Christmas release is absolutely wonderful. I can't say enough about it! Until next time, have a fantastic day!

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Cat and Spider For You!
by Rachel Duong


By the light of the moon, I am here with a haunting card portraying a peculiar friendship between a cat and a spider. Or is it? Maybe the cat is ready to pounce instead. Who knows when there is a full moon and a thick haze is present in the night air. 


To create this card I used the Poppystamps "Cat Collage" die for the focal point. I die cut it out with the Open Studio "Glossy Paper Pack" in black and again with Memory Box "Festive Glitter Pad" in gold glitter. Wow, these papers give off the most dramatic effects! Next I die cut the spider using the "Whittle Creatures". Isn't the spider so adorable?! The "For You Poe Script" die is cut in a medium green from the Memory Box "Lush Green Collection".  (I cut the cat and the script out twice and glued them together for a dimensional effect for the cat and a stronger heavier script.)


To make the background I used a sheet of medium weight vellum and scribbled all over it with a black Sharpie pen. I dripped rubbing alcohol over the scribbles. I also used a brush to move the color around. After it dried, I adhered the die cut pieces. Next I framed it with pale lavender Memory Box "Ocean Blue Collection" cardstock and glued it to a medium grey cardbase. 


With a black fine point Sharpie and a steady hand, I drew in the thinnest line possible for the spider to hang on. Finally, I added an Open Studio "Fairy Gemstone". Have you used these gemstones? They are so beautiful and a "must have" in your craft room. Their iridescent quality look like a mini magical crystal ball!


A close-up view of the supplies I used.


Thank you for stopping in. I hope you find this card interesting and inspiring. There are endless variations to create with these Poppystamps dies. Have a frightful evening....until next time!


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Another Clean and Simple All-Die Cuts Card!
by Sphoorti



Hello Poppy Peeps!


It's Sphoorti again! Remember my post from the other day? I made another card that's very similar with the extras I had leftover, and stepped it up just a bit.


This one's also clean and simple, and completely made with just die cuts. No stamping whatsoever!




I ran the 2464 Marzipan Alphabet craft die multiple times through my Big Shot. All my alphabets were connected, so I ran them through to save time for the next time I might need some alphabets. I stacked a few letters together (just random ones, but with at least two glued together for extra dimension). I stacked the letters H and E and Y about five times for some extra dimension. I used Candied Apple and Picked Raspberry Distress Inks to color the H, E, and Y.




I cut some silver mirror card stock using the 2478 Scalloped Stitch Frames craft die and adhered one of the frames to my card panel.




Then I used the 2530 Large Stitched Envelope and Postage craft die to cut an envelope out of vellum. I kept the top flap of the envelope open. I adhered some alphabets inside the envelope and also foam mounted the envelope by adhering some foam tape discreetly behind the alphabets in the envelope.




I took the colored H, E, and Y, and adhered them in a way that it looks as if they're coming out of the envelope. I coated them with glossy accents for some shine.




The card looked a little barren to me, so I adhered a bunch of little enamel hearts in red and white coming out of the envelope. And that was it!




Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Would you want to remake this card? Would you do anything differently? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for visiting!




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Gracious Floral...just because
by Rachel Duong

IMG_1526 (1)
Hi Friends! It's Rachel here to share a gorgeous floral card displaying all the sunny, warm tones of summer!  I used the Memory Box  "Gracious Floral" set of stencils, dies, and stamps.  It is amazing!


I began by dry embossing the image on white cardstock. I placed the stencils on the flower and blended distress ink over the petals and leaves. There are five stencils in the package! Next I die cut the image out. I stamped a few sentiments in Versamark ink on black cardstock, heat embossed in gold, and die cut the image.


As you can see, I chose the "just because" sentiment! Then to create the background I scribbled sharpie pens in green, yellow, orange and red over a sheet of heavy vellum. I dripped rubbing alcohol on the color and blended lightly with a paintbrush. After dry, I adhered it to a white card base. I glued the flower on the background. Finally, I glued the sentiment on the flower to finish the card.


These are the supplies I used. 


 The bright, fluid background paired with the soft colors of the flower creates a stunning contrast to the rich and bold sentiment. I just love how it turned out!


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you get a chance to create very soon. I don't know about you, but I am so inspired by all that is warm, beautiful and lovely this summer. Take care and have a fantastic day!

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