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Old World Deer
by Rachel Duong


Hello, it's Rachel! Let's welcome Fall, the season of crisp air, leaves turning color and days getting shorter with an "Old World" card! What is "Old World"?! It's a style that is worn, slightly tattered, yet familiar and nostalgic. Finishings are distressed and faded. I love this look!
To create this card I am using the Poppystamps "Pondering Layered Deer" and the "Leafy Branch Oval". The dies are from the Fall and Christmas 2022 releases.  I hope you like it!


Here are the steps to create this card. 
1. Die cut the Poppystamps "Pondering Layered Deer" out of kraft cardstock. Die cut the scarf in burgundy.
2. Lightly blend brown ink on the deer to create shadow and interest.
3. Adhere the pieces together. 

4. Using a fine tipped black marker, dot in the eye.
5. Using a snow marker, add highlights and spots on the deer. It does not need to be exact or realistic. 

6. Die cut the Poppystamps "Leafy Branch Oval" in brown and yellow. Use small scraps for green, lime, yellow, orange and burgundy. They will be used for the leaves. 
7. Take the yellow die cut and trim off the branches of the oval frame. Distress the frame unevenly with brown ink.
8. Take the brown die cut and paint it in a wash of darker brown.
9. Trim green, lime, yellow, orange and burgundy leaves off the die cuts. Glue leaves onto the brown branches of the die cut. 

10. Using a neutral cardfront, blend brown and green distress oxide inks mimicking an oval shape. Spritz water on each color and dry between applications for this effect.
11. Glue the finished "Leafy Branch Oval" on the card front.
12. Blend distress oxides and inks around the corners and edges. Trim down the cardfront to slightly smaller than an A2 size. 
13. Glue the deer on the cardfront. Add a few leaves for embellishments and balance in the lower right corner. 
14. Tie 1 mm burlap twine on the fold to complete the card.

Supplies I used. The dies are linked to Poppystamps below.


I hope my card finds you well. I love the heartwarming charm of this adorable deer. It has a timeless feel and I can see this deer in the forest, munching on leaves. 
Both dies are great for so many occasions and events throughout the year. Have a wonderful day!

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You Are the Sweetest
by Nancy Penir


Hello and welcome! Nancy here, and I have one last summer card for you, before pumpkin season takes over. 


I have geraniums in my garden, do you? Our extreme dry heat takes them out in late summer, so I couldn't find one plant blooming, to post a picture of their beauty for you. Their thick lush leaves grow together blanketing the soil, and the flowers grow high on sturdy stems. I wanted to capture that for my card.


All pieces were cut from white cardstock and sponge inked. That way I could assemble the blooms from deeply inked to pale.

DSC_0229 2

The sentiment is black embossed onto clear cardstock. Be sure to use heat resistant clear cardstock so the heat doesn't warp it.

Layered and dimensional, I will certainly handmake a custom envelope. 

Are your cards taking a turn toward autumn? Sometimes saying goodby to summers bright colors is bittersweet. At least my cards are still blooming! Have a wonderful week!

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Leafy Garden Border Card - The Easy Version!
by Sphoorti



Hello again, Poppy Peeps!


I'm back (so soon!) to continue my previous blog post where I went over the complicated card I made, and wanted to show you how to make a simpler version of the card if you prefer that! To see the original post, please click here. Now, let's dive into the easy-peasy version!




So, in this version, I used the exact same supplies (except for the glitter belly band in the middle, and the sentiment). I started with a standard A2 sized card base, i.e. 4.25" x 5.5" in dimensions. I used the Leafy Garden Border craft die and fully cut out two die cuts from some 110 pound Neenah Solar White cardstock. I foam mounted them in the middle of the card - one with the leaves pointing upward, and the other downwards.



I wanted to add some color on the card and I absolutely love the green and white combination, so I cut up multiple leaves with these using the Leafy Garden Border craft die, the Maple Symphony craft die), and a bunch from the Floral Cake Pop Up Easel craft die (which has a plethora of floral and leafy dies) with some green alcohol ink backgrounds I created a few years ago, as well as with some silver mirror card stock and some silver glitter card stock. I cut up leaves and sprigs from the Leafy Garden Border die (because the die results in a single die cut with all the leaves attached). Then, I arranged the leaves and sprigs in front of, and behind the leafy border attached to the card base.



I took some glitter card stock and foam mounted it on the portion of the card where the Leafy Garden Border die cuts met (horizontally along the middle).



I hot-foiled a sentiment from the Modest Greetings 2 Hot Foil Plate and Die set (the one that says "You are the best") and foam mounted that on top of the glitter belly band.




Here's a picture taken from a different angle. I couldn't choose which of these I liked more, so you get both angles!




I took an assortment of jewels and scattered them between and behind the leaves and that was it!




So, this card doesn't open up like the other one, but it still kind of has the same effect with the two sets of Floral Garden Border die cuts meeting in the middle. I personally liked this one more because I can create more of these, and faster. But what do you think? Which one do you like more? Please do let me know!




Any other thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? We love to hear from you, so please do let us know! Have a great week ahead!




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Leafy Garden Border Card - The Not-So-Easy Version!
by Sphoorti



Hello there, Poppy Peeps!


Hope your Saturday's going great! I made two cards a few weeks ago. My original idea was inspired by one of Jennifer McGuire's cards and that's the one you see here. I came up with another idea in the process and made a second card which was a simpler and quicker version than this one.


I thought we'd start in that order. I'll be back on Monday, July 25th, 2022 with the easier version of this card. So stay tuned!


So, when the card is folded or placed in its envelope, this is how it looks. (Special shout-out to my cousin/sister-in-law who had to be my hand-model to hold the card down because otherwise, it opens up like a flower). It flattens completely when you place it in an envelope, so no need to worry about extra bulk or anything. It's just hard to photograph!




When you release it, it opens up like this:




You can write your message in that open area, or, you can decorate the inside, and write your note on the back. Whatever you prefer!




So getting back to how to make this card, I started with two standard A2 sized card bases, i.e. the ones that measure 4.25" x 5.5". Then I scored the card bases at 3.25" on one side. At that line, I folded it outwards, which resulted in a Z shaped card with a long end and a short end.




I took the Leafy Garden Border craft die and partially die cut the short end so that the bottom portion of the die doesn't cut through or get separated from the card base. Here's a closeup of what it looks like when you do partial die cutting. See how the bottom part of the Leafy Garden Border is still continuous or attached to the card base? It's seamlessly connected to the card base.




Alternatively, if you want to skip the patience-testing partial die cutting business, you can just cut out the Leafy Garden Border and just stick it to the short end of the card base. (SO much easier, quicker, and less stressful).


I repeated the same step on the other card base and then glued the card bases together.


I wanted to scatter some colored leaves, and I had a few scraps of alcohol ink backgrounds I created the last time I had those supplies out (which was more than 2 years ago) and I found these green ones that I thought would go perfectly with the idea I had in mind. So, I cut up multiple leaves with these using the Leafy Garden Border craft die, the Maple Symphony craft die), and a bunch from the Floral Cake Pop Up Easel craft die which has a plethora of floral and leafy dies. I cut up leaves and sprigs from the Leafy Garden Border die (because the die results in a single die cut with all the leaves attached). Then, I arranged the leaves and sprigs in front of and behind the leafy border that was attached to the card base.




There was a big space between the score line and the bottom of the leafy border, so I decided to use some washi tape with a copper-mirror look to it and placed it as a border to fill out some of that space. Then, I took a leftover I had from the last time I had my foil machine out and found a matching sentiment (the Happy Birthday one from the Birthday Wishes Poe Script Hot Foil Plate and Dies that I made with some copper colored foil). I attached it just to the bottom side of the card (so that the card doesn't get sealed shut).



I took an assortment of jewels and scattered them on the card base behind the floating leafy border and called it done!


I'm not going to lie, this was kinda hard to make because the leafy border is very delicate. Next time I try to make a card like this, I'm going to layer a few die cuts to form a chipboard style die cut so that it's sturdier and easier to work with. I think the effort and the pain was worth it, though! Those leaves are so gorgeous! And the card isn't too shabby, is it?



Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We love to hear from you! Thank you for sticking with me through the end of this hard card! Stay tuned for the easier version coming up in a few days! Have a great weekend, everyone!




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Late Summer Thank You
by Michele K. Henderson


Hello Friends

With all of this hot weather headed our way, it's hard to believe that the very beginning of Autumn is only a few short weeks away! I created this sweet and simple end of Summer Thank You card in a few of the wonderful Earth tones of Autumn. Take a look!


I started with a soft light coffee colored background, and cut TWO Thank You Poe Scripts in a bright, crisp, white, and stacked them to give them a little pop off the page. Then I cut a handful of Petite Blooms Flower Set in two shades of deep yellow.


Arranging the flowers on the page is the fun part! I cut the Petite Blooms centers in the soft coffee brown paper, and glued everything in place.



I finished this easy breezy card with a few Autumn Fairy Crystals. I love everything about these crystals, and they come in so many colors too! 



These long, lazy days of Summer will be coming to an end soon, so it's the perfect time to get a jump on your Autumn-inspired Thank You cards!  Give these adorable Petite Blooms Flower Set a whirl!

Thanks so much for joining us today!







Two Quick, Clean and Simple, Easy-Peasy cards
by Sphoorti




Hello Poppy Peeps!

Long time no see!

I have two quick and easy clean and simple cards for you today! More from the leftovers from a previous project, but beautiful nevertheless.


Card # 1:




When I had the Stunning Mandala 3D Embossing Folder out, I embossed a bunch of card panels with it. One of them was with plain white card-stock. I also had some Pops of Color out and I squirted out some squiggly lines on a cookie sheet to form a border.This is a picture of the straight ones, but I also did some in the shape of a rectangle which is what I used on this card. I just didn't take a picture of it before adhering it to the card. Apologies! But I think you get the idea!




And I also had extras from the time I pulled out the Gemini foil machine and foiled all the things. I used the "You are amazing" sentiment from the You Are Amazing Poe Script Greetings Hot Foil Plate set.




Once the Pops of Color was dry, I peeled it off of the cookie sheet, and laid it on the embossed white card stock panel. Then, I took the hot foiled sentiment and centered it on the panel. I topped the card off with some jewels and that was it! SO easy!




Card # 2:




This one was even simpler than the first card. I had some leftover alcohol ink card stock from a while ago, and I embossed it with the same Stunning Mandala 3D Embossing Folder and put another leftover sentiment from the You Are Amazing Poe Script Greetings Hot Foil Plate set. This one said "Thinking of You". I scattered some gold jewels on the card and called it done!




I plan to make more of these cards for a virtual volunteering event I'm planning for my team at work because they were so quick and easy to make, but still have the homemade card feel to them. Aren't embossing folders amazing? They do all the work for us!




Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let me know! As always - I love to hear from you all and appreciate your sweet comments.



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