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Kindness is Golden
by Tiffany Pryce


Hey friends! Tiffany here, and today I'm sharing another clean and simple card featuring a products from the newest release. 

How often do you use your ink sprays? If you follow me on IG, you know that I love mixing clean and simple with mixed media. Sounds contradictory, but the description works for me :) One medium that makes a quick yet interesting background is ink sprays. There are so many kinds and can be used with varying techniques. On this card, I used a metallic ink spray in the most basic way to add a lot of glitz and interest to an otherwise very simple card.


From a piece of red cardstock from the Berry Red, die cut the Stained Glass Butterfly collage die. Keep the tiny butterflies that get die cut to use as embellishments on the finished card front. After die cutting, spray the panel generously with the metallic gold ink spray. I pressed the spray fully to get a fine mist and pressed the spray halfway to get larger droplets for varied texture. 


After the panel was dry, I backed it with foam tape and popped it up on a panel of orange cardstock from the Sunny Orange paper pack. I like the added dimension with the foam tape and the analogous color scheme. I adhered the card front to an A2 card base.


Next, I worked on my sentiment. I used the Modest Greetings 2 Hot Foil Plate to foil my sentiment in matte gold glimmer foil. It's nice that this set has a coordinating sentiment strip die included! I added some gold twine behind the sentiment to tie the card together.


I encourage you to pull out one supply, like an ink spray or anything else in your stash, that you rarely use. Try it out on a card! No need to overcomplicate it, just use the medium in its most basic way and see what you come up with. These baby steps will help move you outside of your comfort zone and experiment. Have a great crafty weekend and thanks for reading! 

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Teacher Appreciation Card
by Tiffany Pryce


Hey Poppy friends! Did you know that Teacher Appreciation Week starts on Monday, May 2? My husband has been a math teacher at a public school for nearly a decade so I know how hard teachers work. I decided to pull out some supplies and create a very clean and simple card to say thank you to one of the hardworking educators at my husband's school. I hope this inspires you to make a few cards for the dedicated educators in your life.

To start, I die cut a panel of white cardstock using the Pinpoint Half Ring Plate die and trimmed a quarter inch from two sides. I adhered the panel to an A2 card base. 


Next, using the Berry Red and Ocean Blue paper packs, I trimmed quarter inch strips with my paper trimmer. I trimmed a piece of copy paper to 4.5 x 3.25 inches and adhered the strips in alternating colors. I trimmed any excess hanging over. I backed the panel with fun foam for dimension and adhered to the card front.

Next, I worked on the sentiment. I die cut the word 'teacher' from white cardstock using the Marzipan Alphabet dies. I die cut each letter twice from cardstock and once from fun foam and adhered the layers together. Using the lines of the panel, I lined up and glued the letters across the panel with liquid glue. For a little extra detail, I added crystal glaze on each letter. I stamped the sub-sentiment from the Life is Sweet stamp set with prize ribbon distress oxide ink, cut it into a strip, and adhered with foam tape.


Lastly, I die cut the Whittle Pie die from white cardstock. With dye ink and copic markers, I colored the pie crust top. For the pie tin at the bottom, I die cut the piece from silver cardstock in the Rainbow Reflections Mirror pad. I adhered the crust with foam tape and then glued the completed pie above the letters.


If you make a card for an educator in your life, I'd love to see it. I think it would bring him or her so much joy. Please tag Poppystamps and me on Instagram. Happy crafting!


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Different ways to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame craft die - Part 2
by Sphoorti







Hello Poppy Peeps!


Do y'all remember in February when I went a *little* overboard with my projects using the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die from the Poppystamps February 2022 Release. Well, this is Part 2! And I have 3 cards for you today!


Card 1: The Foiled!


So, I recently purchased some iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO by Thermoweb. It's magical! You don't even need a laminator to foil now! All you need is a bottle of this! So, what I did was - cut out a thick piece of card stock with the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die. I used that diecut as a stencil and spread some of this magical stuff on a piece of white card stock. Then, I let it dry for 3 days. That's right - you read that correctly. 3 days. I live in Southern California, and I know what you're thinking - 3 days is overkill. But trust me on this, let that stuff harden real well before putting it through your laminator / diecutting machine.


Here's what happens if you don't wait 3 days:




Do you believe me now? The above is a result of me waiting overnight.


After that happened up there, I wised up and decided to be patient this time, waited 3 days (honestly, I forgot about it, and happened to walk by where it was set to dry and then remembered!) and then ran it through my die cutting machine with a piece of foil paper and look how pretty it turned out!




When you use foil, it pretty much does all the work for you. So, all I did (or wanted to do because anything else would take away from the gorgeousness of the foil) is die cut some white card stock with the Freestyle Hugs Craft Die and stacked them together, and topped it off with the same die cut but with some silver foiled card stock from the Vintage Pastel Mirror card stock pack. I used vellum to cut the shadow and used it behind the Hugs sentiment.




I also wanted some added dimension so I propped up the panel on some foam, and backed it with more of the same silver foiled card stock so that it matches the sentiment and ties it all together.




Also, full disclosure... As is with all the cards I make / get, I have a tendency to see how it feels and I put my fingers on top of the foiled piece. So, you may see some ridges here and there. Don't be alarmed, they're just my fingerprints. My recommendation is to try to beat the temptation of touching the shiny goodness, no matter how good you think it might feel. (Because I assure you - it does.)



Before we move onto the next card, if you don't have the Thermoweb Duo Transfer Gel, you can get approximately the same effect by applying some deco-foil to a piece of card stock with some double sided adhesive on it (or just some specialty foiled card stock from one of the paper pads that Poppystamps offers), and then diecutting it with the Penelope Pinpoint Frame die. I personally loved the effect of the texture paste with foiling on top, but I wanted to offer some additional suggestions on how you can achieve a similar look.


Onto the next card!


Card # 2: The Shaker!




I don't believe this die was ever meant to make shaker cards, but I had an idea and had to try it! So, I cut out 10 of these panels and stacked them on top of each other (with an acetate layer at the top). I had to do that in order to create deep enough wells. In retrospect, I should have taken some fun foam and cut out 2 layers instead of 10 with regular card stock, but as my adorable mom (for whom English is a second language) says, "Blind sight is 20/20". I had some fall colored seed beads and I filled them diagonally. When I envisioned this card, I knew I wanted to add the seed beads. I somehow remember the beads being smaller, so I thought there would be a  lot of shaking and sound. But the size was fairly large compared to the size of the diamonds in the die, so I could only fill a few seed beads in each well.




Oh, side note - I could have used Darice Foam Strips instead of layering so many layers, but I didn't have foam tape that was as thin as the outer frame, so had to layer it. But if I were to do this again, I'd go with the 2 layers of fun foam.




Either way, I managed to fill each well with enough seed beads for shaking + showing enough of the color, so here's what I ended up with:




I used the Playful Thank You craft die to cut and stack up 4 layers together. For the the top layer - I used the Black Glossy Paper Pack so that it stands out on the card, and that was it. The end result was a pretty hefty card that'll need lots of extra postage, but I think it turned out nice, so totally worth it!



Next up is my favorite of these three cards!


Card #3: The Trellis! (I couldn't think of a better name for this one)




So, for this card, I thought I'd use the die cut as a trellis! Originally I planned to have some ribbon / twine / strings intertwined around the die cut, but I didn't have the materials. So, I decided to use the smallest flower from the Potpourri Flowers Die cut out of the blue foiled card stock in the the Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad and place them along the intersections of the dotted lines of the background die.



I also had some white pearls which I colored using a copic marker, and used them along some of the intersections as well. Some of the white pearls - I put at the centers of the flowers. It took a while to cut out all the little flowers, but these flowers are so adorable, it was totally worth it!



I used the Freestyle Hugs craft die to cut out the sentiments with white card stock, and layered them on top of each other for dimension. Then, I used some silver foiled card stock from the Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad as the top layer. I used Vellum to cut out the shadow of the sentiment.




I mounted the panel on a top folding A2 card base and that was it!




So, that was all the ideas I've had so far on how to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die.


Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We love to hear from you! Thank you for sticking with me through the end of this very long post! Do let me know in the comments if you'd like to see even more ways to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die! Although, full disclosure - there's a new release coming up and it's awesome, so it may be a while before I come back to playing with this background die again!




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More ways to use the Flower Field Frame craft die
by Sphoorti






Hello Poppy Peeps!


Sphoorti again! I have two other cards that I made with the Flower Field Frame Craft Die and I wanted to share them with you guys.


Card # 1:




This one was the easier version. I started by taking a 5.5 x 4.25" panel of Neenah Solar White cardstock and ink blended using some distress inks - Candied Apple, Mustard Seed, Twisted Citron, Lucky Clover, Mermaid Lagoon, Blueprint Sketch and Wilted Violet.I took the Perfect Pearl powders in silver and gold and splattered drops all over it for some sparkle and sheen.


Next, I took a top folding landscape card that measures 5.5" x 4.25". I scored it along the x-axis (horizontally) halfway down from the top of the card. I took 2 sentiment stamps, one that says "You're amazing" from the Whittle Rainbow Unicorn Kit, and another that says "Thank you for every-fin" from the Whittle Sealife Sentiments clear stamp set. I did what I liked to call a "stamputation". I cut the sentiment so that I'd have a piece just with the "Thank you" portion. I could have masked it off, but I don't think I'll use this full sentiment that often anyway. This way I can reuse the "Thank you" part without having to mask it in the future.


Then, I took the Flower Field Frame Craft Die and cut out a layer of Neenah Solar White 110 pound cardstock. I took my big mama roll of 3M Foam Tape and cut up tiny pieces of it and put them on the back of the frame. I must be out of my dimension loving mind because I ended up with this:




And I still feel bad because I missed a few spots! Anyway, you might be wondering why I chose to take the time to cut up so many slivers of foam tape instead of just taking multiple die cuts and stacking them together. Well, I did that too! And I used that version for Card # 2. But for this card, I chose the foam tape option because you'll see that when you use foam tape versus stacking them on top of each other, the shadow effect is more prominent. Don't get me wrong, I like both effects it's just what effect I'm going for at the time.


Please do compare the two pictures of the completed cards and let me know if you see it, or if it's just me. Here's a picture of the two versions before I assembled the cards.




Now for the best part - assembly! I removed foam take backers off and stuck the frame down over the blended rainbow of colors with the sentiment at the center. I then took a number of pearls in various sizes and adhered them to the centers of the flowers. I foam mounted this card panel on a top folding 4.25 x 5.5" card base et viola!








Card # 2




This one was even more time consuming than the first, if you can believe it! Die-cutting 6 - 7 layers of the Flower Field Frame and gluing them together is no easy feat! But totally worth it!




I ink blended the background the same way I did for the first car, and used the same perfect pearl mixture to splatter some shine all over the card. 


Then, I stacked the die cuts and glued them together with liquid glue. The inner perimeter doesn't have any gaps, so I figured - why not make it a shaker? So, I took a piece of acetate roughly the same size as the outer perimeter and cut it up. Once I layered the acetate on top of the stacked set of die cuts, I used another die cut to cover it up the outline of the acetate. I used the same stamps that I used for Card # 1 on this card too. I just made the mistake of forgetting to stamp the acetate before layering it. Lesson learned. I stamped it anyway and where I couldn't get a good impression, I used a permanent marker to fill in the gaps. Can you tell?




I filled the innards with a mixture of confetti, sequins and pearls. I glued some of the innards to the back of the card as well so that even when the card is upright, there are still some shaker bits scattered throughout the top. One thing I wish I did differently was flip the pearls right side up before sealing the shaker. The shaker well isn't deep enough to allow the pearls to flip back and forth, so the ones that were facing down when I sealed the shaker are going to remain that way forever.




Then, I adhered my favorite clear fairy drops at the centers of all the flowers. I mounted this panel on a top folding 5.5 x 4.25 card base and called it done.




Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Which card did you like better? Please do let me know! We love to hear from you! Thank you for sticking with me through the end of this post!



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Snowflake Thank You Card
by Nancy Penir


Here we are at the end of another year, and there's plenty of need for thank you cards! I have a card for you today full of shiny snowflakes, and a frosty thank you sentiment.


Poppystamps' Wintertime Sentiments comes with a die that cuts the shape of the snowflake bouquet. 

DSC_0079 3

The main snowflake stamp is embossed in blue,(Wow embossing powder),  and filled in with a silver glitter pen. The sentiment is stamped separately, hand cut and popped up with foam tape.


I love the frosty look of the main image, and the way it coordinates with the die cut Snowflake Background.

Almost Happy New Year Poppy Peeps! Hope it's a blessed and healthy one for you and yours!

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Challenge Reminder: Sweater Weather
by Tiffany Pryce


Hey friends! Tiffany here with a reminder of this month's challenge - Sweater Weather. It's my favorite time of year (and my birthday is in a few days hehe) so I adore this month's challenge. "Sweater Weather" is up to your interpretation, but can mean all things fall or Thanksgiving, or autumn leaves, or warm beverages like apple cider or coffee. Just make a card celebrating the beauty of the fall season, use at least one Poppystamps product, and enter your project on the challenge post blog for a chance to win!



With a panel of white cardstock, I created a die cut window using the Basic Ovals Set dies. I layered the window on top of another panel of white cardstock that I die cut with the Leafy Vines Slim Plate die. I watercolored the vines with gold metallic watercolor. I wasn't precise with my watercoloring as I wanted a more organic look with bits of the white cardstock peeking out. I adhered the completed background to an A2 card base that I layered with a piece of pattern paper from the Garden Folly paper pack.



Next, I die cut the embellishment leaves. I used the Whittle Oak Leaf die and the Leaf Flourish Heart die. I ink blended a variety of distress oxide inks on the leaves in autumnal colors and arranged them on the card front. I snipped off the heart from the Leaf Flourish Heart die and cut apart the leaves to vary the look. For the sentiment, I used the Thanks Outline die. I die cut the shadow layer once from Kraft Woodgrain paper and backed it with foam tape for dimension. For the outline layer, I die cut it twice from white cardstock and once from gold foil from the Polished Foil paper pad. I adhered the layers together with liquid adhesive.

Pro tip: when using liquid glue with the Polished Foil paper, make sure to smooth the glue with your finger or a small sponge to ensure a smooth, thin layer. I've found that dots of liquid glue, no matter how small, can appear lumpy through the foil cardstock.


Hope you enjoyed this clean and simple card! I think it is perfect for a "masculine" or a gender neutral thank you card. Thanks for stopping by!

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