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Hot Foiling Frenzy!
by Sphoorti


So, one of my birthday presents this year from my sweet boyfriend was a Gemini Foilpress. While I don't have a collection of hot foil plates, I saw videos on YouTube that showed how you can use Foilpress with regular dies too! And I went nuts. I foiled all the things! I may have to think about changing my Instagram handle (@StampAllTheThings)

Before I get into how I made the card, I wanted to tell y'all about some things I learned during this whole process, and think they may help you if you're in the same situation as me i.e. I had a Gemini (regular), not Junior. (Also a gift from sweet boyfriend) And I assumed that the Foilpress (which is meant for the junior machines) would work with the regular one. And while it's true that it does, we need a special adapter plate for it because otherwise, the machine doesn't detect the Foilpress plates being fed into it. So, I purchased it on Amazon (with a lot of anxiety because I read a number of reviews that said that the adapter didn't work well for them). I bought it anyway, because I figured it's cheaper than buying a whole new Gemini Junior for it. (And gosh, during this whole process, I was kicking myself because I put the Foilpress in my wishlist and my boyfriend bought it for me, and if he found out that I couldn't use it, he'd have bought me a Gemini Junior just so I could use the foil press, and I'd hate for him to spend more money on me. I mean, that money would be better spent elsewhere (like on something that starts with an "r" and ends with an "ing".) But really, I was feeling so guilty thinking that I shouldn't have made the assumption that the two would automatically work together, and done my research before putting it on the wishlist. Anyway, as a last resort, I ordered the plate in spite of the bad reviews, and I tried it and I swear, every single foiling I've done (including the first one ever) has turned out great. I followed the instructions that were in the package and it worked beautifully. I didn't experience any over or under-foiling most of the times, and the rare times when I did, I used workarounds to help so it wasn't a big deal. Also, that satisfaction each time I pulled off the foil... #priceless.

So, if you're thinking about investing in a Foilpress and you have a regular machine and not a junior, you're fine. Go for it. Black Friday sales are still going on. Consider yourself enabled!


Anyway, back to the card...

The Foilpress comes with a basic set of supplies including some gold foil but for my card, I envisioned silver / blue / white / wintery tones. So, I purchased some silver foil on Amazon, and used the Snowflake Background die from the Holiday 2021 release and foiled it twice on a 5" x 7" piece of cardstock (because when I tried to make this with a regular A2 panel, the Snowflake Corner Frame covered up a lot of it, and I really wanted that foiling to show).

I cut some blue foiled paper from my scrap drawer using the Snowflake Corner Frame craft die. I did the same thing with a piece of white cardstock that had some adhesive sheets applied to the top. I stuck the foiled frame to a piece of cardstock, and then inlaid the negative pieces with adhesive into the frame. I peeled off the adhesive and sprinkled my favorite crafty embellishment (Diamond Dust) on the pieces with adhesive so that it would be covered by the icy shards / crystals. I foam mounted the panel and stuck it in the middle of the 5" x 7" panel. I die cut out the word "hugs" using the Playful Hugs craft die multiple times with white cardstock, and once with some silver metallic cardstock and stacked them on top of each other. I mounted the sentiment on the panel (it was a little hard due to the texture, but I put my cell phone + iPad + whatever I could find on my desk that was heavy on top for a few minutes until I was sure that it would hold). I used some transparent gems I had from My Glitter Fix and scattered them in the foiled snowflakes area. I used the same silver cardstock to cut out a frame so that I could make it seem like the foiled panel was matted, and that was it!

Here are some more pictures. Note: Gorgeousness of the hot foil not pictured. It's impossible to capture its beauty on camera (and not just because I suck as a photographer)! I'm gonna record a video to see if that helps, stay tuned on Instagram!




As usual, I have a few dos and don'ts.

  1. When you're foiling, do ensure that your sandwich is even throughout. If you have a piece of washi tape holding the die to the cardstock, it acts as a shim and you get a greater indentation in that area when compared to the rest. Most people won't even notice, and if you're one of them, LUCKY YOU!!! I, unfortunately, noticed and it caused me a bit of grief, but I know how to work around that next time, and that's by foiling onto a larger piece of cardstock without using washi, and cutting it smaller as needed, instead of starting with the exact same size that you'll need, and trying to align it perfectly by using washi all over the place.
  2. Do try things out!!! Don't assume that something won't work. Try it before arriving at that conclusion. Had I done that, I'd have been foiling since my birthday in September versus just a few weeks ago. Imagine how much I could have foiled in that time!
  3. If you have over or under foiling, don't get disheartened. Over-foiling can be cleaned up with a sand eraser if not a regular one. And under-foiling can be fixed by just running the same sandwich again using a fresh piece of foil. According to the famous card makers in our crafting world, each person's die cutting machine is different, and the sandwich that works for you may not work for someone else. So, try different options to find the one that works best. The combo that seems to work best for me is:
    1. Foilpress base at the bottom
    2. Die facing upwards
    3. Layer of foil (pretty side facing the die)
    4. Cardstock (Neenah / Classic Crest Solar White Cardstock 110# is the one I used)
    5. Adapter Plate
    6. Medium Heat Setting
    7. Heat for 1 Minute

When I first saw hot foiling machines released into the market, I thought that it was a tedious process, and that knowing me, I'd not have enough patience to wait for things to heat up etc. Plus, I was definitely not looking forward to buying a whole new set of foiling plates. One run through the foiling machine pretty much blew my concerns and theories apart. It actually doesn't feel like a lot of effort or waste of time. It's fun, and totally worth it. Plus it works with your existing dies, so no need to buy any additional goods! (Not that that's gonna stop me)

I'd love to know of your experience with hot foiling. Please do share your hot foil stories, and/or thoughts, questions, or epiphanies in the comments below!



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Stained Glass Technique with the Ornament Background Die
by Sphoorti


Hello there!

It's Sphoorti again. Back with a technique I covered in my first Design Team post for Poppystamps, but incorporating some of the suggestions I had in that post (for you guys and myself!) So, if you haven't seen that post yet, please do check it out, because I used the same technique, just a different card base.

The last time I tried this technique, I used Neenah Solar White cardstock in 80 pound. I may have had less warping with 110 pound, but I was in the middle of a move and couldn't find the ream of 110 pound. So, here, I tried with acetate, which I know won't warp at all with Glossy Accents, and this was the result!




As hard as it is working with Acetate because your fingerprints show up all over it, and it's staticky, it's nothing compared to trying to get a proper picture of it. Especially if you're a photography noob like me. But I took a bunch of pictures to give you the full effect. The card actually looks much better in person, so I hope you try out the technique.

When I do send out this card, though - I plan to use one of those lint-free cloth things that they give you to clean your glasses and wipe down the fingerprints, lint and any other junk that's taking the beauty away from the acetate before putting it in the mail. Hope it helps!


Oh, also, here's a picture of the back side of the front panel of the card. I used a die cut of the background die to cover up the glue that you could see on the back.


Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed this post and/or found it helpful / inspiring!

Thank you so much!

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Another way to use the Snowflake Corner Frame Die
by Sphoorti


Hello there! Sphoorti again. Back with another way to use the Snowflake Corner Die. I wasn't lying when I said this was my favorite die from this release! And like my last post for Poppystamps, I have a bunch of dos and don'ts again. Hope you find them helpful!

I started off by die cutting some glitter cardstock from the Majestic Hues Glitter Pad using the Snowflake Corner Frame die. Since the inside of the paper isn't colored, you'll see the whites when you view the frame at an angle, like so:


If this doesn't bother you, you're good (and lucky!). I knew I'd sleep better if I ran a matching color marker (I just used a black sharpie here) along the sides to cover up the whites, so I did.

I put adhesive on the back of the frame and took some acetate from leftover packaging and applied it to the entire frame. Then I cut some slivers of scotch foam tape and put them along the outside perimeter to form a well. Then I used poured some Diamond Dust (it's that glittery / sparkly stuff you see in the image below) into the well.


I peeled off the backing of the foam tape and put another layer of acetate to seal off the contents. I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture, but there's a layer of acetate on the back too.


Then I took a card base (11" x 4.25") and scored it down the middle to make it a top-folding 5.5" x 4.25" card. I estimated where I wanted the sentiment to be (I actually wanted it to be behind the shaker panel because I wanted the "snow" to cover it up when we shake it, and then reveal the message when the contents fall to the bottom). I glued the sentiment that I die cut from the Small Freestyle Merry Christmas craft die from this release (absolutely love that die too!) out of some silver mirror cardstock, and then glued the shaker panel on top. And this is what I ended up with:


The best part is that when the card is shaken, the jiggly bits flow over the sentiment and don't get stuck on the nooks and crannies of the die cuts because of the extra acetate layer we have in the back of the shaker well. Not sure why, but this made me really happy!

Anyway, at this point, I realized 2 things - 1. I forgot to add splatter and felt that the card looked too clean and simple. 2. I noticed that I glued the shaker panel on crooked. <facepalm> I tell ya - "I'm sure I'll get it straight" is one of the biggest lies I tell myself when I'm gluing stuff to my cards. So, to cover up the boo-boo, I used one of the Scalloped Stitch Frames craft dies and took the outermost scalloped frame and tilted it a bit and glued it to the card base to draw attention away from the crookedness of the shaker panel (and also add some interest to the otherwise plain background). I trimmed the excess off and the result was this:


And when it's shaken:


What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below if you liked it before or after the scalloped frame. I'd love to know your thoughts!

As promised, here are my "Don't Dos" and "Do-this-insteads".

  1. Don't try to be a hero when you're trying to align something in a proper way. Use the T-square ruler.
  2. Don't use acetate from leftover packaging. If you observe closely, you'll see some waves in the acetate. If you're not a big fan of that, I'd recommend using proper acetate sheets that are thicker and more sturdy and don't form waves.
  3. Don't peel off the adhesive on the foam tape before pouring in the shaker innards. This stuff is staticky, so if you try to pour it in after the adhesive is peeled off, a whole lot of it is gonna get stuck to the adhesive and it'll be hard to seal off the well properly. Ask me how I know. 
  4. Don't be lazy like me... Run your anti-static powder bag / tool along the inner perimeter of the frame after you put the foam tape (but before you put in the shaker bits). This will prevent them from sticking to the foam tape. I couldn't find mine (rather, I was too lazy to look for it) so I took the shortcut, and if you observe closely, you'll see some diamond dust stuck along the inner perimeter (even when the card is standing upright).

Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do share! Thank you so much for sticking with me through the end of my post, hope you found it helpful and/or inspiring.

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Snowflake Corner Frame
by Sphoorti


Hello! My name is Sphoorti and this is my first design team post ever!

Here's the card I made, and the details of how I did it. I hope you find it inspiring!

So, I know that many of us are working on our holiday cards right now, so I thought I'd make one for this post. I used the Snowflake Corner Frame die that just came out in the Holiday 2021 Release that I fell in love with. I immediately envisoned a stained glass effect and went to work.

I started by cutting up some Neenah / Classic Crest Solar White card stock with the Snowflake Corner Frame die. I used 80 pound here because we're in the middle of a move, and 90% of my crafty supplies are still in boxes, so I worked with what I could find. But I recommend using 110 pound, because that way you don't have to cut as many layers. I also cut a final layer out of some silver foil card stock I found in my scrap drawer to use as the top layer.


I applied one of the frames to a scrap piece of paper and then layered all the frames (excluding one white frame, and the silver frame) on top of each other so as to build a well. See that dimension?


Now for the fun and messy part. I grabbed a bottle of Glossy Accents and some Shimmer Powder. I used Nuvo's Violet Brocade which is my favorite - it has pops of blue, purple, violet and pink. Absolutely gorgeous! You can do this one of three ways...

  1. You can fill a well with some Glossy Accents first, then sprinkle a pinch of the Shimmer Powder on top of it. Then, use a pin to mix it in / swirl the powder around. (Gives a cool swirly effect)
  2. You can first sprinkle the shimmer powder and then add the glossy accents on top and then mix it up. (You can get a swirly effect out of this one too)


3. You can take a tiny empty squeeze bottle, pour some glossy accents in there, and add as much Shimmer Powder you want, and then mix it all up, and then squeeze it into the wells.


I used a combo of all three methods up there, and I think I've discovered that I like the swirly effect, so I may stick to options 1 and 2. I will definitely keep a backup of the 3rd option for when I don't have time to get messy or swirly.

So, then, I ended up with the hot mess that you see here:


I waited for the glossy accents to dry, and then used the leftover white frame and layered it on top to cover the messy portions. Actually, you can take advantage of the glossy accents that spilled out and use it as glue to stick the last leftover frame, but I was too nervous about accidentally getting my fingers in there or messing it up, so I waited for it to dry. I also layered the silver frame on top and ended up with this:


Brownie points for anyone who sees the flaws! Here, let me help you if you don't:


So, here's something I didn't consider before I started this card. Glossy Accents warp cardstock when you use a large quantity, and it happened even more so here because I used 80 pound cardstock versus 110 or higher. Totally my bad. I tried to fix the "warpage" and I ended up cracking the Glossy Accents. <Woe is me> I almost tossed the whole project and planned to start over, but I'd put in so much effort already that I decided to just keep going and find a way to cover it up somehow. The other flaw was that some of the wells didn't have enough glossy accents. This was easier to fix - all I had to do was use that ready-made mix of Glossy Accents + Shimmer Powder and squirt it in there, and it was mess free too!

Anyway, I ended up finding a piece of vellum in my scrap drawer, and I also had the newly released Small Freestyle Merry Christmas craft die, so I cut out the sentiment using the same silver cardstock and put it on the vellum and attached it to the frame and covered up the cracks. Disaster averted (well, hidden from plain sight, more like)!

I stuck this frame to a card, and it looked a little "too clean and simple", so I decided to splatter it up using a mix of perfect pearls and water, and then I also scattered some clear Fairy Drops from Memory Box. Here's the end product. What do you think?


Before I go, I wanted to list out a couple of tips (rather, a "What not to do"-list):

  1. Do not use thin card stock when you're trying to build wells. The fatter the better. (Just like with cats)
  2. Do not use card stock as the base of the wells. Instead - use acetate! No "warpage" whatsoever! (I made another card using acetate, I'll post it soon, but it was a dream when it came to preventing the warping, and had a cooler effect too!)
  3. Do not use glossy accents sparingly. When they dry, they condense quite a lot so, if you like a domed look, or you want the level of the glossy accents to be high, be generous with it.
  4. Do not try to fill the entire thing with Glossy Accents first, and then do the mixing later. Depending on how much you use, it can dry pretty fast, especially if you're in extra-hot Southern California like me. So, instead, do one section at a time.

Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed this post and/or found it helpful / inspiring!

Thank you so much!

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