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Little desserts for you!!!!
Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!

Aw! Today I made a horizontal slimline card with yummy desserts, perfect for a Birthday!


This release is great to celebrate!!! Do you see our Sunlit Gold glitter glue???


What do you think about our Greeting Tags? I loveeeeee this product! it is very practical to use them!!!


Wich is you favorite cake?


Thank you always for your sweet comments!

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You're on the right track!!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!

I made for this post a slimline card with a beautiful giraffe!!!!


Our little car is soooo pretty! I put bright details with our glitter papers!


She is perfect! very charming!!!!


And the sentiment, it's all part of the set Whittle Racing Giraffe Kit craft die!


One more close up! 



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PSC#114 Challenge Reminder - Mixed Media Mash-Up
by Sphoorti

Challenge Badge

Hello Poppy Peeps!

It's Sphoorti with a gentle reminder of this month's challenge - PSC#114 - Mixed Media Mash-Up! This month's challenge we want you to choose your favorite media - is it paper? or maybe ink? or foil? And then add another and another! Mixed media is defined as artwork in which more than one medium or material has been employed. A good example would be collage technique. You can do a simple mixed media by adding some stenciling with texture paste to your design, and that's it!


Projects can be for any occasion, and you're not limited to making cards. We welcome home décor, page layouts, tags and everything in between! It's your choice, just be sure to use at least one Poppystamps die on your project! You must use a Poppystamps product to be eligible to win. For more details, check out the main post here.


This was my take on the challenge. I made this for a bestie who was visiting and we got a chance to celebrate her birthday together!




I started off by taking a slimline panel of white card stock and die cutting her name out of it using the 2464 Marzipan Alphabet craft die. That was my first medium - Paper! Then I took some foliage die cuts from the 2552 Floral Vase Pop Up Easel Set craft die and distress inked them. And there's the second medium. That's all you need to qualify for this challenge - we have 2 types of media and we're using at least one PoppyStamps item!




I started placing the inked die cuts from the floral vase die set between, behind and in front of the die cut letters on the card panel.




At first I thought I'd leave the card panel white, but later decided that I wanted some more color, so I ink blended with similar inks all around the perimeter.




Now for the third type of media - Perfect Pearls! I didn't plan to use this one, honestly. But I messed up and had a splotch of glue on the panel which I tried to rub away and the ink on my fingers was caught in it and it looked really bad. So, to cover it up, I decided to splatter the heck out of the card. I guess it worked, because I don't see it anymore and can't even remember where it was! <I may have gotten a bit carried away with the splattering, though!)




Then, I took some Hero Arts Glimmer Metallic Ink and ran a brush of gold ink along the perimeter of the card. It looks very similar to perfect pearls, actually! But technically it's not the same, so I'm going to count that as medium # 4.




Finally, I took the hot foiled sentiment that I foiled and die cut from the PSF808 Modest Greetings 2 Hot Foil Plate and Die and adhered it below her name. Boom! 5th medium! Foil!




Thought I'd go one step further and scattered a bunch of clear jewels all over the card. Juuuust for another medium. Good thing they were clear, otherwise I think it would have made the card look too busy. What do you think?





Now it's your turn to take on the Mixed Media Mash-Up challenge! Need a little more motivation? How about a prize? The winner of this challenge (chosen at random) will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to spend on their favorites from the store! Remember - projects can be for any occasion, and you're not limited to making cards. Remember - we welcome home décor, page layouts, tags and everything in between! It's your choice, just be sure to use at least one Poppystamps die on your project!


Have a great rest of the week, and good luck, Peeps!







Rainbow Sweet Nordic Snowmen
by Meghan Kennihan

Final_9Hi Crafty Friends,
It's SNOW season! I am showing off the Sweet Nordic Snowman Die from Poppy Stamps in every color of the rainbow on this slimline card.

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: Have you made a snowman this year?
A: Me? No, we haven't had enough snow

Final Final_1
Final_2For my background I used the Poppy Stamps Whittle Field and Trees dies to create my winter scene. I finished the card by adding some sparkle for the January Poppy Stamps Sparkly New Year using Poppy Stamps Fairy Jewels.





Rainbow Nordic Trees
by Meghan Kennihan

Final_8Hi Crafty Friends,
I have a unique colored Christmas card featuring the Poppy Stamps Nordic Whimsy Trees in every color of the rainbow.  I love non-traditional Christmas colors and this slimline offered me the perfect amount of space to do rainbow trees.

Make Crafty Friends Q & A:
Q: Which color tree above is your favorite?
A: Me? I like the purple

Final_5I created a textured background with the Nordic Border Set and add the sweet Winter Greetings Banner Sentiment with Poppy Stamps Christmas Banners Clear Stamp & Die Set.




A Floral Monster-Book-of-Monsters?
by Sphoorti





Hello Poppy Peeps!


Sphoorti again!


Did the title of this post throw you off? It's weird, when I made this card, I had no plan, but in the end I started thinking it looks very similar to the Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter. Here's how it looks in case you don't remember: 




What do you think? Am I completely off? Well, anyway, let's get into how I ended up with this card.


Do you all remember my post from September where I color blended over a hot-foiled panel? During that hot-foiling frenzy, I didn't quite use the right settings for one of the runs using the PSF809 Leaf and Tendril Hot Foil Plate and ended up with a panel that didn't entirely foil properly. It was patchy. I couldn't get myself to throw it away, so I color blended over it to see if that would make it any better. It helped a little, but it still looked as if something was wrong with it. Check out these close ups of the strips. See what I mean?



So I tried out this super cool technique that my awesome friend Rachel (@colourandsparkle) showed off in her reels—it’s all about getting creative with card stock, but like, in a fun way, not just shredding it to pieces! It’s similar to what Laura Bassen calls the "Stripping it up" technique. Rachel is all about that eco-friendly life, always finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. She took Laura's technique one step further and strips up random bits of card stock, old gift wrap, and pretty much any cute paper she can find, and turns them into these amazing cards. Seriously, you should see what she can do with just scraps—it’s so gorgeous! Check them out here: https://www.instagram.com/colourandsparkle/?hl=en


I thought I'd give it a shot and shredded the panel into very thin strips. I took some clear packaging tape and adhered it to my table with the sticky side facing up so that I could lay out the strips in order. If you look closely at the photo below, you'll see the packaging tape on the table.




I wanted a random assortment of shapes and sizes and colors so I put them together willy-nilly. Then I cut out the bottom side of the strips. I ended up with tiny pieces that were left over, so I just kept continuing along the sides, decreasing in height as I went so it tapered off on both ends.


Originally, I thought I'd make a two fold card with the strips mounted up on foam tape, but somehow I decided to go with a tri-fold card using this panel as one of the three sides. I couldn't bring myself to throw away the leftover skinny strip that I cut out, so I adhered to the second panel on the inside like so:




Then I adhered the main strip panel to the first flap of the card (I trimmed it slightly so that the strips look like they're floating and don't have any of the front panel / flap showing behind them). Oh, I also adhered an extra layer of card stock behind the skinny floating strips to give them some extra sturdiness.




The unfinished card was sitting on my desk for weeks like this. I just did not know how to finish it up or what else to do. I felt like something was missing. Unexpectedly, I received the package of latest release products from Poppystamps store owner, Dave. One of the goodies included the 2580 Nordic Flourishes craft die, and it looked so pretty, I just started die cutting away. I didn't plan to use it on this card or anything. I just went on a die-cutting spree with all the Nordic beauties from the Poppystamps Winter 2023 Release.


I had a bowl-full of the flourishes sitting on my desk and one day I just absentmindedly placed some on the second panel (opposite side of the one I adhered the skinny inner strips to). It looked lovely, so I went with it! I adhered them in the areas where we could see the second panel.



I had die cuts of 2453 Freestyle Hugs die set and decided to use that as the sentiment.


Then came the toughest part of all, and that was the sentiment placement. After days of contemplating and second guessing myself I asked my friends, Claire and Tracy, which of the below orientations they like most.



They told me which one they liked most and that's the one I went with! The end result?
















I never expected to end up with such a card, but I absolutely love it! It was totally worth the wait, I think! I'm so glad I didn't throw away the scraps! Special thanks to Rachel, Claire, and Tracy for their ideas and support! The only problem is - how will I ever be able to replicate the patchy reversed foiled look? I guess that's the problem with repurposing junk and making it beautiful - you may not have more of the same junk to replicate in the future! Sigh. First world problems, I know.


I couldn't help but take a ridiculous amount of pictures to show the full effect and colors, so here's a lengthy scroll-able gallery of them in case you'd like to flip through.





Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Doesn't this totally look like a pretty, pastelly version of the Monster Book of Monsters? Or is it just me?


Would you want to remake this card? Would you do anything differently? Let us know in the comments below! Thank you for visiting and sticking with me through the end of my very long post!


Lots of Love,


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