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Halloween Feline Shaker Card
by Sphoorti



Hello there, Poppy Peeps!


Sphoorti again with another card made with the Cat Collage die from the 2022 Fall release! This one is very similar to Rainbow Cat Collage card I posted about yesterday. The biggest difference is that I took it one step forward and made it a see through shaker card!


For this card, I took a card base sized approximately 4" x 4". I used the Cat Collage die on the top flap and cut right through it. So, this card actually "sees through" to the inside. This time, on the inside, I left it blank. On the outside, however, I ink-blended my head off. I cut another panel with the same die in the same spot, and I used distress inks to ink-blend on top of it (Blueprint Sketch, Wilted Violet, Villainous Potion, Uncharted Mariner, and Black Soot). I took some Perfect Pearls in gold and perfect pearl color and splattered them all over the panel.


Under this layer, I adhered an acetate sheet. I took a number of foam strips and adhered them to the panel. Then, I took some shaker bits (some silver rhinestones I had lying around) and filled the shaker well with them. Then, I took another piece of acetate and covered up the shaker well so that the shaker bits had a backing. I took this shaker panel and aligned it with the card base which already had the cat collage die cut from it and adhered it to it. I also scattered some rhinestones on the outside panel. The result is a see-through shaker card that's absolutely stunning, if I do say so myself!



I hot foiled the "Miss You" sentiment from the PSF802 Modest Greetings 1 Hot Foil Plate and Die in silver foil and adhered it to the bottom right side of the card.


At first I used some silver foil from the FP1002 Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad 6x6 pack to cut the kitty out and adhere him on top of the card. I had another kitty that I cut out from black foiled card stock in the FP1003 Rainbow Reflections Mirror Pad 6x6 pack. I couldn't make up my mind between the black foiled kitty and the silver foiled kitty, so my boyfriend and my crafty friend, Judy, helped break the tie for me. Here are some pictures of how the card looked with the silver kitty:



Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Which one did you like better - the silver kitty or the black? I must say I'm glad I went with the black kitty because October 27th was National Black Cat Awareness Day, and tomorrow's Halloween, and we also have the cutest black cat ever! It all came together, as it was meant to be.



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Challenge Reminder: PSC#94 - Over The Rainbow!
by Sphoorti




Hello there!


It's Sphoorti with a gentle reminder of this month's challenge - PSC#94 - Over the Rainbow! Summer is always a feast for the eyes in a rainbow of  color! Bold, beautiful flowers, sweet summer fruits, and a trip to the pool / the beach. This month we want you to add ALL the colors or maybe even an actual rainbow to your project. Your project can be for any occasion, just be sure to include at least one Poppystamps image (stamp or die) on your project! 


This was my take on the challenge. Hope you like them!


Card # 1:




For my first card, I took the leaves from the Maple Symphony craft die and colored them with distress inks. I used my usual favorites: Candied Apple, Carved Pumpkin, Mustard Seed, Twisted Citron, Lucky Clover, Mermaid Lagoon, Blueprint Sketch, Wilted Violet, and Picked Raspberry and ink blended over the leaves (in that order).




I foam mounted the leaves along the bottom of my card base.




I took some Perfect Pearls in Gold and Perfect Pearl (silver / whitish) colors and splattered them over the leaves and bottom border of the card.




Then, I took a Sakura Quickie Glue pen and drew little dots around the leaves on the card base. After they were fully dry, I took some Therm O Web Deco Foil in the rainbow color and applied it to the dots (so that the colors of the foil match the leaf colors). Absolutely loved this effect! I couldn't capture it on camera but it's really fun to see in real life, and pretty too!




I took a hot foiled sentiment from the PSF802 Modest Greetings 1 Hot Foil Plate and Die (the "Just a Note" one), cut it out in shape of a banner and foam mounted it on the right side above the leaves. And that was it! What do you think?





Card # 2:




For my second card, I took the Leafy Garden Border craft die and cut out a number of die cuts from it. I layered them on top of each other in order to create a chipboard-like die cut (for stability and a raised look because as Laura Bassen sings - "Dimension is liiiiiiife!")




I used the same distress inks that I used on the first card to ink blend over the leafy border.





I took a hot foiled sentiment from the PSF808 Modest Greetings 2 Hot Foil Plate and Die (the "You're so kind" one), cut it out in shape of a banner and foam mounted it on the right side above the leaves. And that was it! What do you think?





Now it's your turn to take on the Over the Rainbow challenge! Need a little more motivation? How about a prize? The winner (chosen at random) of this challenge will receive a $20 Gift Certificate to spend on their favorites from the Poppystamps store! Visit the original post here for more details / instructions! You still have time, but hurry!


Thanks for joining us! We can't wait to see what you make!




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More ways to use the Flower Field Frame craft die
by Sphoorti






Hello Poppy Peeps!


Sphoorti again! I have two other cards that I made with the Flower Field Frame Craft Die and I wanted to share them with you guys.


Card # 1:




This one was the easier version. I started by taking a 5.5 x 4.25" panel of Neenah Solar White cardstock and ink blended using some distress inks - Candied Apple, Mustard Seed, Twisted Citron, Lucky Clover, Mermaid Lagoon, Blueprint Sketch and Wilted Violet.I took the Perfect Pearl powders in silver and gold and splattered drops all over it for some sparkle and sheen.


Next, I took a top folding landscape card that measures 5.5" x 4.25". I scored it along the x-axis (horizontally) halfway down from the top of the card. I took 2 sentiment stamps, one that says "You're amazing" from the Whittle Rainbow Unicorn Kit, and another that says "Thank you for every-fin" from the Whittle Sealife Sentiments clear stamp set. I did what I liked to call a "stamputation". I cut the sentiment so that I'd have a piece just with the "Thank you" portion. I could have masked it off, but I don't think I'll use this full sentiment that often anyway. This way I can reuse the "Thank you" part without having to mask it in the future.


Then, I took the Flower Field Frame Craft Die and cut out a layer of Neenah Solar White 110 pound cardstock. I took my big mama roll of 3M Foam Tape and cut up tiny pieces of it and put them on the back of the frame. I must be out of my dimension loving mind because I ended up with this:




And I still feel bad because I missed a few spots! Anyway, you might be wondering why I chose to take the time to cut up so many slivers of foam tape instead of just taking multiple die cuts and stacking them together. Well, I did that too! And I used that version for Card # 2. But for this card, I chose the foam tape option because you'll see that when you use foam tape versus stacking them on top of each other, the shadow effect is more prominent. Don't get me wrong, I like both effects it's just what effect I'm going for at the time.


Please do compare the two pictures of the completed cards and let me know if you see it, or if it's just me. Here's a picture of the two versions before I assembled the cards.




Now for the best part - assembly! I removed foam take backers off and stuck the frame down over the blended rainbow of colors with the sentiment at the center. I then took a number of pearls in various sizes and adhered them to the centers of the flowers. I foam mounted this card panel on a top folding 4.25 x 5.5" card base et viola!








Card # 2




This one was even more time consuming than the first, if you can believe it! Die-cutting 6 - 7 layers of the Flower Field Frame and gluing them together is no easy feat! But totally worth it!




I ink blended the background the same way I did for the first car, and used the same perfect pearl mixture to splatter some shine all over the card. 


Then, I stacked the die cuts and glued them together with liquid glue. The inner perimeter doesn't have any gaps, so I figured - why not make it a shaker? So, I took a piece of acetate roughly the same size as the outer perimeter and cut it up. Once I layered the acetate on top of the stacked set of die cuts, I used another die cut to cover it up the outline of the acetate. I used the same stamps that I used for Card # 1 on this card too. I just made the mistake of forgetting to stamp the acetate before layering it. Lesson learned. I stamped it anyway and where I couldn't get a good impression, I used a permanent marker to fill in the gaps. Can you tell?




I filled the innards with a mixture of confetti, sequins and pearls. I glued some of the innards to the back of the card as well so that even when the card is upright, there are still some shaker bits scattered throughout the top. One thing I wish I did differently was flip the pearls right side up before sealing the shaker. The shaker well isn't deep enough to allow the pearls to flip back and forth, so the ones that were facing down when I sealed the shaker are going to remain that way forever.




Then, I adhered my favorite clear fairy drops at the centers of all the flowers. I mounted this panel on a top folding 5.5 x 4.25 card base and called it done.




Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Which card did you like better? Please do let me know! We love to hear from you! Thank you for sticking with me through the end of this post!



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Challenge Reminder: PSC#87 - Happy Holly Days!
by Sphoorti




Hello there! It's Sphoorti with a gentle reminder of this month's (and my first!) challenge - Happy Holly Days (PSC#87)! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and this theme has to do with all things associated with it, so transitive property dictates - this is the most wonderful challenge of the year!


Any card themed Winter / Christmas / Holidays works! Easy-peasy, and great because you probably have a bunch of cards already that you've just made to send out this Holiday season that you can enter into the challenge! Just make sure that you use at least one Poppystamps product, and enter your project on the challenge post blog for a chance to win! For more details about how this works, please see the original Challenge Post here.

First thing that comes to mind when I think of winter / December is snow (even though I live in a place where there's no precipitation - thanks, Southern California), and a warm fire in a cabin in the woods, hot chocolate in hand, cuddling with boyfriend and kitty.

The Cabin Snowglobe Pop Up Die Set that was released by Poppystamps in the 2021 Holiday Release totally gave me those vibes, so that's what I used for the challenge.

I made 2 versions and I think I'll make a lot more when I get the opportunity because these looked amazing and were easy to put together! The first one I made was a monochromatic version where I only used white and silver cardstock for all the die cuts. I made a mistake on this one, actually - and it was because I couldn't see one of the dies (it was right in front of me!) It forms the circle part of the snow globe. So, I improvised and made it without it. (So, if you observe, you'll see there's no demarcation between the actual snow globe and the back of the card). I made sure I used it on the second one. Lesson learned! I cut out the base line (not sure what it's called, but it's the little silver sliver with the tiny lines), multiple times and used it on the inside of the card so that the easel feature of the card can work off of it. Here's a picture of it:


For the one which has the red cabin - I actually cut out the word "merry" multiple times from the Small Freestyle Merry Christmas craft die with white and silver cardstock and layered them to make it thick like a chipboard. Then, I adhered it to the inside of the card so that the easel can work off of that as a stopper. Here's a picture of that:


Here are some more pictures of the cards for you!





Now it's your turn! Need a little more motivation? How about a prize? The winner (chosen at random) of this challenge will receive a Gift Certificate to spend on their favorites from the Poppystamps store!

Thanks for joining us! We can't wait to see what you make!






A Very Rainbowy Christmas
by Sphoorti


Hello Poppystars! (Is it okay if I call you that? Sounds like Pop Stars!)

Anyway, Sphoorti here with a completely non-traditional Christmas card. I saw a number of posts earlier this year where everyone was doing a rainbow style Christmas card. I didn't get a chance to try it at the time, though I really wanted to! They're just so beautiful! The other day, I was on the phone, and there were a bunch of these tree die cuts laying on my desk and I absentmindedly started to arrange them in different patterns. I ended up liked the layout so decided to make a card with it, and incorporate the rainbow theme into it! What do you think?

I used the four tree dies provided in the Cabin Snowglobe Pop Up Easel craft die set and cut out several trees. Then, I used distress inks to ink them all up. I used Fired Brick, Candied Apple, Spiced Marmalade, Mustard Seed, Picked Raspberry, Seedless Preserves, Twisted Citron, Mowed Lawn, Lucky Clover, Mermaid Lagoon, Broken China, Blueprint Sketch (my favorite!), and Wilted Violet. I used a blend of 2 - 3 colors in each family and ended up with this assortment:


I decided to save the lighter ones (the pastelly colored ones) which I made with just some leftover inks on the blending brushes for a future project. For this one, I used all the deep / vibrant ones.

I mixed some Perfect Pearls in with some water, and used a paint brush to splatter the trees with the specks. I love that effect!

Anyway, after that, I arranged them (no glue yet) on a 4.25" x 5.5" panel like so:


And then, the disaster happened. I couldn't find my masking paper. And my press-and-seal doesn't seem to have enough stick to it. So, I decided to use Washi Tape. And this works well, too! That is, if you remember to remove some of the adhesiveness of the washi before sticking it down to your panel. I, unfortunately, did not. So, after using Washi to pick all these up, I used a basic rectangle die to cut out a square in the middle of the panel for a place where I can put the sentiment. The strong washi + a run through my die cutting machine ensure that the Christmas trees got almost embedded into the washi and I had a heck of a time peeling all of them off. At one point I considered just making fresh trees, but I was lazy. So, I decided to just keep at it and peel off the trees without tearing them. A herculean task, but I did it! I did lose some trees in the process, but I had some from the area I cut out for the sentiment so I just repurposed it.

Anyway, after peeling off all the trees, I took a card panel (same size) and put a layer of sticky adhesive on it. I rearranged the trees by using the picture as a guide, and once I was done arranging all the trees, I took my favorite embellishment - Diamond Dust - (I swear, I can't get enough of this stuff!) and poured it all over the panel. The portions that still had adhesive that wasn't covered by the trees held onto the dust et voila!

I cut out the word "merry" from the Small Freestyle Merry Christmas die from the 2021 Holiday Release (another favorite) multiple times and stacked them up, and used silver cardstock for the top layer and put it in the sentiment area. And that was it! What do you think? I hope you liked it! I honestly love it so much, I can't help but glance at it whenever I walk by, in spite of the flaws! Here are some more pictures of it.






Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you all! Have a great weekend!

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Snowflake Corner Frame
by Sphoorti


Hello! My name is Sphoorti and this is my first design team post ever!

Here's the card I made, and the details of how I did it. I hope you find it inspiring!

So, I know that many of us are working on our holiday cards right now, so I thought I'd make one for this post. I used the Snowflake Corner Frame die that just came out in the Holiday 2021 Release that I fell in love with. I immediately envisoned a stained glass effect and went to work.

I started by cutting up some Neenah / Classic Crest Solar White card stock with the Snowflake Corner Frame die. I used 80 pound here because we're in the middle of a move, and 90% of my crafty supplies are still in boxes, so I worked with what I could find. But I recommend using 110 pound, because that way you don't have to cut as many layers. I also cut a final layer out of some silver foil card stock I found in my scrap drawer to use as the top layer.


I applied one of the frames to a scrap piece of paper and then layered all the frames (excluding one white frame, and the silver frame) on top of each other so as to build a well. See that dimension?


Now for the fun and messy part. I grabbed a bottle of Glossy Accents and some Shimmer Powder. I used Nuvo's Violet Brocade which is my favorite - it has pops of blue, purple, violet and pink. Absolutely gorgeous! You can do this one of three ways...

  1. You can fill a well with some Glossy Accents first, then sprinkle a pinch of the Shimmer Powder on top of it. Then, use a pin to mix it in / swirl the powder around. (Gives a cool swirly effect)
  2. You can first sprinkle the shimmer powder and then add the glossy accents on top and then mix it up. (You can get a swirly effect out of this one too)


3. You can take a tiny empty squeeze bottle, pour some glossy accents in there, and add as much Shimmer Powder you want, and then mix it all up, and then squeeze it into the wells.


I used a combo of all three methods up there, and I think I've discovered that I like the swirly effect, so I may stick to options 1 and 2. I will definitely keep a backup of the 3rd option for when I don't have time to get messy or swirly.

So, then, I ended up with the hot mess that you see here:


I waited for the glossy accents to dry, and then used the leftover white frame and layered it on top to cover the messy portions. Actually, you can take advantage of the glossy accents that spilled out and use it as glue to stick the last leftover frame, but I was too nervous about accidentally getting my fingers in there or messing it up, so I waited for it to dry. I also layered the silver frame on top and ended up with this:


Brownie points for anyone who sees the flaws! Here, let me help you if you don't:


So, here's something I didn't consider before I started this card. Glossy Accents warp cardstock when you use a large quantity, and it happened even more so here because I used 80 pound cardstock versus 110 or higher. Totally my bad. I tried to fix the "warpage" and I ended up cracking the Glossy Accents. <Woe is me> I almost tossed the whole project and planned to start over, but I'd put in so much effort already that I decided to just keep going and find a way to cover it up somehow. The other flaw was that some of the wells didn't have enough glossy accents. This was easier to fix - all I had to do was use that ready-made mix of Glossy Accents + Shimmer Powder and squirt it in there, and it was mess free too!

Anyway, I ended up finding a piece of vellum in my scrap drawer, and I also had the newly released Small Freestyle Merry Christmas craft die, so I cut out the sentiment using the same silver cardstock and put it on the vellum and attached it to the frame and covered up the cracks. Disaster averted (well, hidden from plain sight, more like)!

I stuck this frame to a card, and it looked a little "too clean and simple", so I decided to splatter it up using a mix of perfect pearls and water, and then I also scattered some clear Fairy Drops from Memory Box. Here's the end product. What do you think?


Before I go, I wanted to list out a couple of tips (rather, a "What not to do"-list):

  1. Do not use thin card stock when you're trying to build wells. The fatter the better. (Just like with cats)
  2. Do not use card stock as the base of the wells. Instead - use acetate! No "warpage" whatsoever! (I made another card using acetate, I'll post it soon, but it was a dream when it came to preventing the warping, and had a cooler effect too!)
  3. Do not use glossy accents sparingly. When they dry, they condense quite a lot so, if you like a domed look, or you want the level of the glossy accents to be high, be generous with it.
  4. Do not try to fill the entire thing with Glossy Accents first, and then do the mixing later. Depending on how much you use, it can dry pretty fast, especially if you're in extra-hot Southern California like me. So, instead, do one section at a time.

Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We'd love to hear from you! Hope you enjoyed this post and/or found it helpful / inspiring!

Thank you so much!

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