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Grungy Hello
by Tiffany Pryce


Welcome back to the blog, friends! Tiffany here to share a card I created using a gel print background and an embossing folder. I rarely pull out my gel plate so I wanted to try something a little different. It was so much fun making different backgrounds with inks, sprays, and paints. Having a background stash makes for easy cardmaking when you need to create quickly.


To start, I added two colors of blue paint on my gel plate. I spread out each color with a brayer and cleaned the brayer on scratch paper between colors. The colors I used were a brighter aqua blue and a more stormy blue color. After spreading the paint with my brayer, I pulled a print with 80 lb white cardstock. I added about 2 or 3 layers of paint on the same background panel until I was happy with the result. After the paint was dry, I splattered aqua and silver acrylic gloss spray for additional texture and shine. I love the abstract grungy look of the paint and splatter.


I could have left the panel as is, but decided to add even more texture. I lightly sprayed both sides of my gel print with clean water, and then ran it through my die cutting machine in the Geometric Crystals 3D Embossing Folder. To bring out the square pattern more, I lightly ran white pigment ink over the panel so it just highlighted the raised portions. To help even out the background, I added a few layers of scrap cardstock. I sprayed a panel with the same silver, metallic spray and used it to matte my card front.


For the sentiment, I die cut the Freestyle Hello craft die several times from white cardstock and adhered the layers together. For the shadow layer, I die cut it from a piece of acetate for something a little different. I did not want to cover the background. On the top layer of the sentiment, I added more silver, metallic spray with my finger to match the grungy feel of the card.


Hope you liked this mixed media card and are inspired to try something similar. I think this would be a great masculine or unisex design. Have a great Sunday!

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Different ways to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame craft die - Part 2
by Sphoorti







Hello Poppy Peeps!


Do y'all remember in February when I went a *little* overboard with my projects using the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die from the Poppystamps February 2022 Release. Well, this is Part 2! And I have 3 cards for you today!


Card 1: The Foiled!


So, I recently purchased some iCraft Deco Foil Transfer Gel DUO by Thermoweb. It's magical! You don't even need a laminator to foil now! All you need is a bottle of this! So, what I did was - cut out a thick piece of card stock with the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die. I used that diecut as a stencil and spread some of this magical stuff on a piece of white card stock. Then, I let it dry for 3 days. That's right - you read that correctly. 3 days. I live in Southern California, and I know what you're thinking - 3 days is overkill. But trust me on this, let that stuff harden real well before putting it through your laminator / diecutting machine.


Here's what happens if you don't wait 3 days:




Do you believe me now? The above is a result of me waiting overnight.


After that happened up there, I wised up and decided to be patient this time, waited 3 days (honestly, I forgot about it, and happened to walk by where it was set to dry and then remembered!) and then ran it through my die cutting machine with a piece of foil paper and look how pretty it turned out!




When you use foil, it pretty much does all the work for you. So, all I did (or wanted to do because anything else would take away from the gorgeousness of the foil) is die cut some white card stock with the Freestyle Hugs Craft Die and stacked them together, and topped it off with the same die cut but with some silver foiled card stock from the Vintage Pastel Mirror card stock pack. I used vellum to cut the shadow and used it behind the Hugs sentiment.




I also wanted some added dimension so I propped up the panel on some foam, and backed it with more of the same silver foiled card stock so that it matches the sentiment and ties it all together.




Also, full disclosure... As is with all the cards I make / get, I have a tendency to see how it feels and I put my fingers on top of the foiled piece. So, you may see some ridges here and there. Don't be alarmed, they're just my fingerprints. My recommendation is to try to beat the temptation of touching the shiny goodness, no matter how good you think it might feel. (Because I assure you - it does.)



Before we move onto the next card, if you don't have the Thermoweb Duo Transfer Gel, you can get approximately the same effect by applying some deco-foil to a piece of card stock with some double sided adhesive on it (or just some specialty foiled card stock from one of the paper pads that Poppystamps offers), and then diecutting it with the Penelope Pinpoint Frame die. I personally loved the effect of the texture paste with foiling on top, but I wanted to offer some additional suggestions on how you can achieve a similar look.


Onto the next card!


Card # 2: The Shaker!




I don't believe this die was ever meant to make shaker cards, but I had an idea and had to try it! So, I cut out 10 of these panels and stacked them on top of each other (with an acetate layer at the top). I had to do that in order to create deep enough wells. In retrospect, I should have taken some fun foam and cut out 2 layers instead of 10 with regular card stock, but as my adorable mom (for whom English is a second language) says, "Blind sight is 20/20". I had some fall colored seed beads and I filled them diagonally. When I envisioned this card, I knew I wanted to add the seed beads. I somehow remember the beads being smaller, so I thought there would be a  lot of shaking and sound. But the size was fairly large compared to the size of the diamonds in the die, so I could only fill a few seed beads in each well.




Oh, side note - I could have used Darice Foam Strips instead of layering so many layers, but I didn't have foam tape that was as thin as the outer frame, so had to layer it. But if I were to do this again, I'd go with the 2 layers of fun foam.




Either way, I managed to fill each well with enough seed beads for shaking + showing enough of the color, so here's what I ended up with:




I used the Playful Thank You craft die to cut and stack up 4 layers together. For the the top layer - I used the Black Glossy Paper Pack so that it stands out on the card, and that was it. The end result was a pretty hefty card that'll need lots of extra postage, but I think it turned out nice, so totally worth it!



Next up is my favorite of these three cards!


Card #3: The Trellis! (I couldn't think of a better name for this one)




So, for this card, I thought I'd use the die cut as a trellis! Originally I planned to have some ribbon / twine / strings intertwined around the die cut, but I didn't have the materials. So, I decided to use the smallest flower from the Potpourri Flowers Die cut out of the blue foiled card stock in the the Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad and place them along the intersections of the dotted lines of the background die.



I also had some white pearls which I colored using a copic marker, and used them along some of the intersections as well. Some of the white pearls - I put at the centers of the flowers. It took a while to cut out all the little flowers, but these flowers are so adorable, it was totally worth it!



I used the Freestyle Hugs craft die to cut out the sentiments with white card stock, and layered them on top of each other for dimension. Then, I used some silver foiled card stock from the Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad as the top layer. I used Vellum to cut out the shadow of the sentiment.




I mounted the panel on a top folding A2 card base and that was it!




So, that was all the ideas I've had so far on how to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die.


Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Please do let us know! We love to hear from you! Thank you for sticking with me through the end of this very long post! Do let me know in the comments if you'd like to see even more ways to use the Penelope Pinpoint Frame Craft Die! Although, full disclosure - there's a new release coming up and it's awesome, so it may be a while before I come back to playing with this background die again!




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You Prickle My Fancy
by Tiffany Pryce


Hey crafty friends! Tiffany here with some Valentine's inspiration for you using this month's challenge of adding a heart to your project. This card was pretty easy to put together so let's get into the details.

First, I ink smooshed a piece of watercolor paper with several pink and yellow distress inks. The trick is to work in layers and to let each layer dry before moving on the next. Doing so allows you to build up some interesting texture and variation in color. Once the panel is dry, I die cut it with the Scalloped Stitch Frames die set. With the interior piece, I matted it on a panel of orange, patterned paper from the Cottage Stripes and Dots paper pad with foam tape. Then I adhered the panel to an A2-sized card base. Unfortunately, I adhered the panel on crooked, so instead of starting over or risking the paper ripping by taking it off, I adhered the frame portion on askew. This helped to hide the fact that the panel was crooked and makes it look intentional. I encourage you to lean into your mistakes and/or try to cover them up, if necessary, instead of starting over!


Next, I die cut a panel of scrap cardstock with the Grid Heart Frame die and used it as a stencil. In my experience, the more heavyweight the paper is the better for this faux stencil technique, especially when using glitter paste. I spread pink glitter paste through the "stencil". I did not want the entire panel covered in hearts so I only stenciled parts for a more distressed look.


While the glitter paste dried, I die cut the Whittle Cactus Trio from light green cardstock. I colored each cactus with Copic markers to add dimension. I also added some white pen detail with an acrylic paint pen. After the paste dried, I adhered the cactus die cuts with foam tape and liquid glue to ensure it adhered on top of the glitter paste securely. 


Finally, I stamped a sentiment from the Whittle Wild Animal stamp set and trimmed it into a strip. I layered the sentiment strip with a scrap piece of the same orange, patterned paper I used for the background. I just used the reverse side of the paper. Hope you enjoyed the card. See you next time!



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Using the Slim Leafy Collage die as a Stencil
by Sphoorti


Hello again, Poppy Peeps!

I'm back today with 2 cards! I planned just one of these, but the second one just happened to happen. I'll explain.

Card # 1:

Let's start with the one that I actually planned, which was this:


You know all the glimmer pastes / Nuvo drops / Pops of color / Stickles / Fairysugar etc. we have in our craft rooms? I saw a fellow crafter (Carly Tee Miner) use her Nuvo Jewel Drops to create a mixed media background card and thought of doing something similar with my Pops of Color. And I envisioned overlaying the Slim Leafy Collage die cut on top so the Pops of Color peek through.

So, I took a card base and squirted a bunch of the paste and took a spreader thing (not sure what they're called, but I think they're used for spreading frosting on cake or something like that - it's the transparent thing I'm holding in the picture below) to spread out the paste. We have an equivalent in the crafting industry, but I didn't use that one, because I wasn't sure if the paste would wash off. So, I used these disposable ones. Anyway, here's what I ended up with. Yummy, no?


I let this dry overnight (I'd be lying if I said I didn't try touching it in between to see if it was dry yet. Let me tell ya - it wasn't, and you'll see my fingerprints if you get close enough.)

So, here's where I messed up. The cardstock I used was 110 pound Neenah Solar White. Pretty sturdy, but warps with mixed media. I should have remembered this from when I made my stained glass cards last fall. But no. So, the cardstock got warped by the time it fully dried. I wanted to flatten it out, but definitely did not have the patience to put a bunch of heavy books on it and wait for a few days. So, I decided to run it through my die cutting machine. This would have been okay IF I didn't use a metal shim and 2 card stock shims on top of the warped card base. The beautiful streaks / smooth / glossy texture from the pops of color went out the window after I ran it through the die cutting machine. See what I mean?


I went ahead and finished this card anyway because I didn't totally hate this look. So, I used the Slim Leafy Collage Die on a piece of card stock the same length as the card base, and foam mounted it on the card base, and stamped a sentiment from the Whittle Everyday Clear Stamp Set and the result was this:


If I were to make this card again, I wouldn't foam mount it - that way we'd see more of the medium underneath. And I'd DEFINITELY not run it through a die cutting machine to flatten it. I'd use a piece of acetate as a base to spread the texture paste on instead of Neenah too! No warping!


Oh, I did add some Pops of Color as dots between the leaves for a little extra something. And I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with this foiled silver cardstock, but I had a piece lying there so I ran it through with the same die, and stuck a silver leaf spring next to the sentiment. Totally random. Just like me!


Card # 2:

So, the second card I made kind of came to me as kind of an afterthought. I saw the die cut from the Slim Leafy Collage Die and thought - why not use it as a stencil? So, that's basically what I did. I used the die on a spare piece of cardstock, and taped it to another piece of cardstock with some washi.


Then I squirted out some Pops of Color like so:


I used the spreader to spread a thick layer of the Pops of Color across the faux-stencil. I wanted the stenciled portions to really pop off the page, so I used a large amount and spread it on pretty thick. I was a bit hasty when I peeled off the stencil and ended up smudging some of the leaves, which was a bit of a bummer, but it didn't look too bad. So, I went ahead and made it a card anyway (the next day, after it fully dried, that is).


See the portion of the faux-stencil with the Pops of Color smeared above it? I liked that and didn't want it to go to waste, so I cut out a strip from it and used it at the bottom of my card. And here's the final product:


Oh, this time, I used some of the Christmas Fairy Jewels in matching colors to fill in the gaps between the leaves. Aren't they pretty?!


The sentiment is from the same stamp set - Whittle Everyday Sentiments.


Thoughts? Questions? Epiphanies? Which of the cards do you like better? Did you like the first one after the smooth texture went away? Please do let me know! We love to hear from you.

Thank you for sticking with me through the end of the post! Hope you have a lovely weekend!



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Challenge Reminder: Just Add Water
by Nancy Penir


Hello! I have a challenge reminder for you. This month's inspiration is: 'Just Add Water'.


DSC_0016 3_wm

I chose to do an underwater scene with Open Studio's  fabulous new embossing folder.


DSC_0012 2

I began with an aqua cardstock, embossed it, and added Perfect Pearls for a shimmer. Haven't played with my perfect pearls for a while. I just love the sheen it gives the tops of the embossing.

DSC_0012 3

Also added some copper pearling (very light handed with the copper!). 

DSC_0014 2

To finish my card, I stamped a message from Poppy's new Art Deco Stamp set, with a strip of the pattern paper at the top.

The rules are simple - just create a project following the theme, use at least one Poppystamps image or die, and link it up here.  The design we love best will receive our winner badge to proudly display on their blog, and one lucky random winner will receive a prize.  You don't have to have a blog to play.  You can link to any online gallery.   In fairness to other players, we reserve the right to remove entries that do not use at least one Poppystamps image.   We ask that you link a maximum of  3 entries to each challenge.   You are welcome to link your design to other challenges.  Grab our badge to post on your blog post or sidebar!

Many ways to go with this challenge... watercolor? underwater? beach scene? Good Luck! Can't wait wait to see your creations!

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Challenge Reminder
by Nancy Penir


Hello! Hope your summer's off to a great start. Are you playing along with Poppystamps' Challenge? Here's a reminder that this month's challenge is Summer Solstice.


I love playing with bright colors, so I reached for my magicals. They start off as a powder, and when you add water, POW! They explode with color.


Did I mention they're (the Magicals) bright, sparkly, and summery? Just perfect for a Whittle Lizard and Cactus. 

Hope you play along, we love seeing your take on the theme.The rules are simple - just create a project following the theme, use at least one Poppystamps image or die, and link it up here.  The design we love best will receive our winner badge to proudly display on their blog, and one lucky random winner will receive a prize.  You don't have to have a blog to play.  You can link to any online gallery.   In fairness to other players, we reserve the right to remove entries that do not use at least one Poppystamps image.   We ask that you link a maximum of  3 entries to each challenge.   You are welcome to link your design to other challenges.  Grab our badge to post on your blog post or sidebar



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