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9.20.21 PS side BL

I love the variety of food-related Whittle dies along with the punny sentiments in Life is Sweet.  There is a wide variety of dies available from ice cream to popsicles, donuts to pies and the tacos, chips and avocados that I used on my card!  And the Life is Sweet set has sentiments for all of them.

We are a taco-loving family with a good guac on the side so I prepared this in advance for when I want to say "bravocado" to one of my sons!  I used the Whittle Taco and Nacho and the Whittle Avocado along with the Word Balloons for the sentiment.

9.20.21 PS dies BL

If you look at the picture of the Whittle Taco and Nacho you'll see that it's just the shells but I wanted to make my taco overflowing.  My taco shell is cut with the bigger one; I cut two and used on behind all of the stuff in my taco.  I used the smaller taco shell and cut it in orange and red to add the colors of cheese and tomatoes. Then I cut a nacho in green and trimmed the three little corners for my shreds of lettuce.  Finally just to be sure my sons knew the card came from me , I cut the avocado pit in white for a dollop of sour cream. (Everything is better with sour cream!!)

9.20.21 PS close BL

Because it's intended for one of my 20+-year old sons, I had originally just had the three little elements and their word balloons - but I decided a "bravocado" card need some color! So I trimmed strips of taco-related colors plus an aqua just for fun - then cut the whole thing with a stitched square.  I mounted it on white, then black. To mirror that, I mounted the word balloons on white.  It's a bright and festive card with a bit of a cartoony-look to it.  It will be perfect for them! And I hope I gave you some ideas for your next taco/avocado/nacho card!!

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Art Deco Birthday Greetings
by Kim Singdahlsen

9.17.21 PS side BL

All of the Deco products in the recent Summer Theater release are absolutely spectacular and there are many beautiful cards on this blog using them but I hadn't used any of them yet. I definitely wanted to so for inspiration I googled Art Deco Images and saw many basic black/white or black/gold images. I was thrilled to see that because I've been struggling with ideas for a birthday card for my SIL and it all came together because she decorates everything with black and white photography. 

I did the black and white background with the Geometric Deco Plate and a gorgeous sentiment from Art Deco Birthday Greetings. The flowers are the Village Rose and Background with a few leaves from Orchard Leaves.

9.17.21 PS dies BL

I love the curves of the flowers against the geometric lines of the background. It's a beautiful contrast.  Then I used glitter paper for the background of the flowers to give them some birthday sparkle!

9.17.21 PS close BL

I don't post any cards that I don't like - and I have more than my fair share of those - but some cards I truly love and this is one of them.  The bright flowers against the black and white, the curves against the straight lines, the cheerful colors and the beautiful sentiment - it just all worked for me!

9.17.21 PS BL

I hope you enjoyed this card as much as I did.  It's a beautiful background. By the way, there's also a separate frame that goes inside the square so it can also be used with smaller sentiments.  And if you browse the blog, you'll see many, many other gorgeous uses for this die!Kim Floral Signature copy




Hugs from a Whittle Beaver
by Kim Singdahlsen

8.19.21 PS BL

As I was planning a card for this post, I was also preparing my sons to head back to college.  That made me aware of the fact that I need to add to my stash of cards to send to them if life gets tough or for any exciting moments. So I wanted to do a very clean and fresh masculine card with a bit of whimsy.  I found the "paper hugs" sentiment in the Marzipan Greetings set, then I realized the Whittle Beaver could actually hold something as his little arms were cut out with the die!  I decided he'd hug a heart - I had many heart choices but settled on the two-tone heart from the Whittle Unicorn. I gave my beaver a tree to cut down, then added a bit of plaid paper for this masculine card.

8.19.21 PS Blue BL

I still had everything out on my desk when I realized this card could be sweet in feminine colors.  I have been sending weekly cards to my mother-in-law since the beginning of COVID lockdowns.  She's very appreciative, but the only card she has specifically mentioned is this one that I did with the Whittle Sloth. So I found some floral paper, changed it all to pink, then I moved the Whittle Beaver and Swaying Birch to the other side of the card because I liked the way his tail filled some of the space from the sentiment.

8.19.21 PS Pink BL

Just as with all of the Whittles, the expression on this little guy's face is absolutely charming!

8.19.21 Close BL

Both of these cards were quick and easy. That Whittle Beaver is so cute, he stands out whether it's a quick and easy card or whether he has lots of whittle friends and other detail around him! And I LOVE that he hugs! I am a huge fan of the whittles and the beaver may be at the top of the list!Kim Floral Signature copy




The Coolest
by Kim Singdahlsen

8.9.21 PS side bl

The Whittle Ice Cream Cone is so cute and sweet that I had to make it the focus of a card.  It's so cute, that I made eight "whittle" cones in a rainbow of colors!

8.9.21 PS dies bl

Before I got started, I went looking for a sentiment and found the perfect one in the Whittle Everyday set - "You're the Coolest".  With the sentiment picked, I realized one of the ice cream cones had to be "the coolest"!  I found pink sparkle in the Memory Box Delicate Pastel Glitter Pad so I replaced the light pink cone that I had first made out of a regular cardstock with a sparkly cone.  Then to make it even cooler, I added sparkly gems and a little bow.

8.9.21 PS Close bl

I love the details in this die.  The waffling in the cones and the stitched highlights along the edge of the ice cream give it so much interest.

Because I had so many cones, to get enough length I made a slimline card - 3 1/2" x 8 1/2".  This made is long enough for all of the cones, but there seemed to be too much space above my row of cones.  I solved that by simply scoring a double line to fill in some of that space and frame my cones.

8.9.21 PS flat bl

This was a fun card to make and all of those cool Whittle Ice Cream Cones were a nice mental break from the heat outside my window. I know who I'm going to send it to and I look forward to her reaction to being the "coolest" just like the sparkly pink ice cream cone. 

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Whittle Happy Bday Fox
by Kim Singdahlsen

7.27.21 PS side BL

The brand new Marzipan Alphabet has quickly become a favorite of mine! I love the interesting look of the lines in each letter. My card is really very simple - just a Whittle to go with the sentiment - but the letters stand out so well, it looks like it is more detailed than it is!

That's not to diminish the Whittle!  This is the Whittle Happy Fox and he really does have a sweet look on his face!

7.27.21 PS close BL

I picked a cheerful paper for the edges from the Memory Box Garden Folly pad, then using the colors in the paper, I surrounded the Whittle Happy Fox with an outdoor scene. The Orchard Leaves and the Garden Leaves and Berries sets are just good all-around sets with their various leaves, vines and berries.  Funny though, the flower is the Small Blooming Poinsettia. I tend to use it year-round because I love the look of it.  It's natural-looking - maybe even a bit raggedy - and I say it in a very positive way!  Plus it has three sizes so it can fit into many different scenes. 

7.21.21 PS dies BL

I used Kraft Woodgrain paper for the letters thinking it would be a nice outdoorsy, masculine look but as I worked on it I started envisioning tiki huts! That's when I decided to decorate him with bright foliage and some sparkly gems!

7.27.21 PS flat BL

I love making cards that keep me smiling the entire time. Any card with a Whittle is that kind of card! I totally love the letters then with that the happy fox looking at me as I worked, this was a very enjoyable card to make - and I love the results!Kim Floral Signature copy


How Are You with Marzipan
by Kim Singdahlsen

BL 7.13.21 Poppystamps side

There's a brand new stamp and die set called Marzipan Alphabet Outline and Background clear stamp and die set.  I created my card with the full focus on these fun letters!  (If you don't want to stamp and cut individual letters, there's another new set called Marzipan Greetings that has full words with sentiment add-ons.  And there's a stand-alone Marzipan Alphabet die set that has the same look without stamping first! It's all in the 2021 Summer Theater release.)

BL7.13.21 Poppystamps dies

You can see that the stamp set has a solid stamp and a detail stamp for each letter. Then the set comes with dies to cut them out.

Since it's a "chatty" card, I decided to use the Word Balloons in the background.  The die comes with five shapes and sizes, so I cut a number of them and lined them up down the middle.

BL 7.13.31 PS Close

I definitely wanted to keep this card clean and fresh so the letters were the stars! I added a rainbow strip of coordinating cardstock down the side and stopped at that. 

BL 7.13.21 Poppystamps

I hope you check out the new release. The Marzipan products are just a small part of it. I'm in awe of the creativity that is shown with each and every new product!Kim Floral Signature copy