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Joy Throughout the Year
by Kim Singdahlsen

11.24 bl

Poppystamps has so many amazing dies that I was able to put together a slimline card full of joy throughout the year!

I started with Stacked Joy but instead of using the full stack, I used the insides of the "J" and the "Y". Then I went through my stash looking for dies to represent the seasons that were appropriately sized for the letters. With the wide variety of dies often with images in multiple sizes, it turned out to be easy.  The snowflake is the new Adelaide Snowflakes which has four sizes of snowflakes. Then Intricate Cut Butterflies also with four sizes. The Fanciful Fall Leaves doesn't have four sizes, but it does have four shapes (plus a couple of acorns) so I used the one that most looked like an "O". For Christmas, I used the Layered Holly Leaf Trio but I didn't layer it and I only used one of the leaves.  I adore the look of the holly with its layers, but it wasn't a consistent look with the rest of the dies.

11.24 dies bl

I used slightly different proportions than a standard slimline card.  First, I did not want the JOYs getting lost on the card so I cut the woodgrain slightly narrower at 3". Then I wanted a bit more color so when I cut my card base, it is 3 1/2" on the bottom, but the top is trimmed to 3" to fit the card front which leaves 1/2" showing. Then I got a bit lazy, top to bottom the card is 8". I did this so my little 1/2" wide colored strips could each be 2" long and they would fit in an 8" card. Here's the inside along with the sentiment from Christmas Sparkle that inspired all of this.

11.24 inside bl

I love the meaning of this card. The sentiment was my inspiration and the beautiful dies made it all come together!

11.24 side 2 bl

Don't forget - there are sales going on!  Both at Poppystamps and our sister company Birch Press Design! Enjoy!!


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Joy in the Forest
by Kim Singdahlsen

11.10 side bl

There are so many amazing products in the 2022 Christmas release. Without a doubt, I'll end up using everything in it - but I'm always drawn to "joy" for the holidays so the big Stacked Joy was the first thing I wanted to use.  And there are two other new items on this card because how perfect is the Sunbeam Frame for a joy-themed card and then I created a forest around it using the snowy Iced Pine Trees.

11.10 dies bl

Since I had a forest theme, I needed to add some forest animals so I pulled out all the "baby" animals that I could find.  The little fawn is from the Whittle Forest Reindeer Kit, the bird from Whittle Birds and the hedgehog from the Whittle Hedgehog Duo. Look how cute and happy they look in the sparkly scene.

11.10 close bl

The star is actually by Memory Box but it is the best Star of Wonder out there. And of course, the  gorgeous glitter papers are from Memory Box pads (but they are available at Poppystamps). 

11.10 bl

This card was fun from beginning to end - a lot of joy and glitter, snowy trees, a sparkly star and charming whittles!! I hope I have given you some ideas for the fabulous new Christmas products!Kim Floral Signature copy


Whittle Reindeer Cheer
by Kim Singdahlsen

10.27 side bl

This is the third in a series of cards using the Whittle Forest Reindeer Kit and specifically the deer in the kit that wear the fabulous little hats.  My first card was a green mountainside; the next card was a wintery Christmas card.  While I was making both of these cards, I knew I needed to make a reindeer with a shiny red nose and here it is! 

10.27 all bl

The shiny red nose and the star are cut from Memory Box Polished Foil Pad. The star is from the Poppystamps Whittle Rainbow Unicorn Kit. First I adhered the foil to cardstock, then cut the star - I find that keeps the foil smoother and also a lot easier to get out of the die. The sparkly white background for the deer is from Memory Box Majestic Hues Glitter Pad.  And the fabulous background paper is from Memory Box's new Christmas paper - Jolly Christmas.

10.27 close bl

I love classic Christmas cards. This one has classic colors, Rudolph, and sparkly "snow" - so I kept the layout classic too. There's nothing trendy. I just added a strip for the scene, then partitioned it into the sparkly side for Rudolph and a red side so the sentiment would stand out.  The sentiment is from the new Christmas Sparkle set. It's a great all-around Christmas set with a lovely font, thirteen sentiments and a variety of "shapes" - some are longer, some look square like this one and others more rectangular. I like sentiments not only for what they say, but how they fit into the card so "shape" is important to me!

10.27 bl

Clearly I love the Whittle Forest Reindeer Kit and I know it will come out to play again since there's a an entirely different set of deer in it (including a fawn) that I haven't used yet. But there are so many other gorgeous dies that I need to use, I think I'll move on. Hopefully I've given you some inspiration for using this kit! Kim Floral Signature copy



Winter Whittle Reindeer
by Kim Singdahlsen

10.13 flat bl

I have having so much fun with the Whittle Forest Reindeer kit. These guys in their cute little hats make me smile the entire time that I am working.  For this card I put them in a field of snow-covered trees, also from the kit, with falling snowflakes from Adelaide Snowflakes and a big Proper Merry Christmas.

10.13 dies bl

You can see in the above picture that there are other reindeer in the kit - you can see the side views plus if you look closely because it's almost covered, there's a fawn!  They are sweet too and I will definitely be using them - but the hats go with these particular reindeer and it's the hats that are currently tickling my funny bone!

10.13 close bl

These deer were part of the fall release so my first card put them on a hillside with evergreens.  (See details here.)  I'm already planning to do a more classic Christmas with a red-nosed reindeer.  I would have done it on today's card but I really liked the look of all of the soft blues (and no red!)

10.13 both bl

I used all soft blues and tans.  I did add some sparkle with just a border of glitter paper and three little gems. The dies did all the work on this card - their sweet faces, the hats(!), the great font on the sentiment and those lacy snowflakes - it doesn't need anything else.

10.13 side bl

I am obviously having fun with these guys and am already envisioning a red-nosed reindeer.  I hope I have given you some ideas for your own reindeer cards!Kim Floral Signature copy




I Love You Deerly
by Kim Singdahlsen

9.29 PS side bl

The fall release included the very sweet Whittle Forest Reindeer Kit. The kit includes the charming deer you see on my card (including their hats!), the trees, 3 more reindeer from a sideview (one of which is a fawn), multiple antlers, a rock for them to stand on and a mini stamp set focused on deer including the "I Love Your Deerly" that I used! You can see the dies in the next picture.

9.29 dies bl

For their hats, I used a couple of plaid pads by Memory Box - Woodsy Plaid and Madras Plaid Coral and Green. I also cut the ear-flap hat out of Open Studio Watercolor Paper, then I trimmed off the top of the plaid hat and adhered it to the watercolor version leaving the ear flaps open and "fluffy" (the texture from the watercolor paper.) Then I wanted some of that "fluff" on the other hat so I used a hole punch and cut a little ball for the top of that hat.

9.29 close bl

I cut their noses out of black, but I already have a Christmas card in the works with these guys and a red nose!!  This set came in the fall release but how perfect for Christmas!!

9.29 PS bl

I'm not going to do many words because I'm actually doing all of this with a broken right wrist (my dominant hand). I tell you this partly to explain the lack of words and partly because I think it really demonstrates how amazing these dies are. I didn't do anything to them besides cut and adhere - mostly using glue, but some pop dots (thank goodness my fingers are free from the cast!). That's all I did and the diecuts look wonderful.  Absolutely you can dress them up with colors or shading and it's amazing. But the point is none of that detail is here and it's still a card that I'm proud to send because of the fun detail on each die cut!

I hope I gave you some ideas and I'll be back in a few weeks with the Christmas card I mentioned!
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Harvest Birthday
by Kim Singdahlsen

8.25 PS bl

This is the brand new Harvest Oval Frame. It's gorgeous.  I can image it in rich fall colors. You could watercolor it or marker it or brush/sponge it to add those vibrant colors. But one of the main things I adore about Poppystamps dies is that they are so detailed, they can stand alone. Of course, it also helps to have a fabulous sentiment - this one from the Say It Big clear stamp and die set.

8.25 PS close bl

I do adore the vibrant colors of fall and I especially love them against a backdrop of gray skies or morning frost. The contrast between the cool neutrals and the rich colors is simply incredible so many of my fall cards include gray.  This one is heavy on the gray, but I added the fall colors in the various gems on the berries. This is a variety of colors from the appropriately named Autumn Fairy Jewels.

8.25 PS dies bl

The sentiments comes for Say it Big clear stamp and die set.  The set includes seven different bold sentiments all with the fun font, swooshes and banners. They really stand out on a card and fit the oval center of this die cut perfectly!

I played around for quite awhile with more colors. I wanted the sentiment to really pop so I tried colors in the oval area - I even created a striped oval - but I kept coming back to the simple gray colors scheme.  So to highlight the sentiment, I added a simple piece of sheer ribbon. It's just enough to point the eye toward that sentiment.

8.25 PS side bl

I hope I've given you some ideas for quick and easy uses of this die. I know you'll enjoy adding fall colors to it, but it also works for a clean and simple card!Kim Floral Signature copy