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Friendly Monsters
by Marybeth Lopez


Hello , Marybeth Lopez  here again today with some friendly monsters.  I jumped right into Halloween but still need to make fall cards. The monsters are all from Poppystamps : Whittle Monsters that you can add and change up a bit to your very own liking. 


I had to add a bit of glitter to my monsters. I did keep it all blacks and whites but lots of different textures for the details.


In the picture above you can see I used the Wrapped Stitch Rectangles (negative space) for my cut out on this panel.  It made the perfect window to have all five of the Whittle Monsters fit on the front panel.


I raised the panel with foam tape so the monsters could fit inside the panel and not add too much bulk to my card.


I love the way this turned out, hope you do too. The background  panel is watercolor cardstock from Hobby Lobby .


 I hope you have a wonderful week full of blessings. Have fun crafting. 






Birthday Fishes
by Nancy Penir


Hi there! I have a fun card for you today, using some of Poppystamps' new  whittles dies. 


I began with the Whittle Wave Background, cutting them in different shades of blue. I cut one extra, to glue the 4 pieces onto. It's easy to snip the edges to separate the wave sections, and they're already cut through along the wave.


Here's what the card looks like with the pieces put together.


I assembled my die cuts on a plain white card, and liked it, but I love layers and textures, so decided to add a stenciled background, also in shades of blue. Memory Box's Fractal Diamond reminded me of rays of sunshine, so I blended my inks, lightly in the middle, heavier on the corners.


My grandson turns 10 this month, and thinks he's a fish, swimming with his brother daily! I hope he loves this card as much as I loved making it.


Something else new in the Poppystamps store are the Fairy drops. Perfect for adding air bubbles!

Have a wonderful crafty week!

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Whittle Notes for Backpacks
by Kim Sindahlsen

I absolutely adore the Whittles!  Before I move into making holiday cards, and given the challenge for this month is Cards for Kids, I wanted to do a series of cards entirely devoted to the Whittles.

The Whittles are tiny little dies and that can make it seem difficult to fill an entire card.  You can do groupings of them, but my idea for today is to do little 3x3 cards for backpacks or lunchboxes.  It's a tough time to be a kid right now - cards of love and encouragement will make their day!  Besides the Whittles dies there are also three sentiment stamp sets that coordinate perfectly.  These four cards all use just one of the stamp sets - Whittle Sayings.

9.25 PS Main 640

I like my dies to be grounded.  For example, I didn't want my deer to just be floating so I used the Memory Box Stitched Rectangle Trimmings which are very thin frames with stitching. I used a frame that was bigger than my card front, then I cut a straight piece to be the ground.  Here are the Whittle Deer with their ground and two Whittle Trees. 

9.25 PS Deer 640

I used the same technique for the Whittle Squirrel by putting a strip behind the Whittle Oak Leaf.  Dimension can really make a difference on a clean and simple card so I folded up the bottom of the leaf and I popped the big squirrel.

9.25 PS Squirrel 640

Here is the Whittle Mouse.  I cut him in three colors and stacked them up then added a heart from Whittle Hearts.

9.25 PS Mice 640

The "You are the Micest" sentiment actually is a one-liner so to fit it next to my stack of mice, I used a post-it note.  I covered the "micest" and inked the other side and then removed the post-it.  You can see what's inked. 

9.25 PS Inking 640

To do the second line, be sure to clean and dry the first side.  I even stamp it off a few times because if you don't you might get a shadow of the "You are the" when you are stamping the "micest". Then just reverse the above.  Cover the first half, ink, remove the post-it and stamp.

Adding their little pink noses can be difficult.  The easiest way is to cut a smaller piece (regular hole punches are handy for this.) Add a bit of glue on the back side of the mouse and adhere the smaller piece on the back side.  If you do it this way, you don't have to fuss with the itty bitty nose but the pink shows through nicely. (See left picture).  I forgot to do that before I glued the mice.  So I cut another mouse in pink and left the nose in the die.  Then put a small dot of glue on the card in the hole where the nose is going to go.  Put the die down, it lines up easily, and use something small and sharp to lightly push it down.  It goes right into the nose hole(!)  (See right picture).

9.25 PS Nose 640

Last but not least is the Whittle Birds.  There are Whittle Wood Frames and Whittle Clouds that make a nice scene for him.

9.25 PS Bird 640

In all of these little cards, I used dimensional adhesive on a few pieces just to give it interest.  The bird is popped and so is one of the mice.  The big squirrel is popped and the leaf is folded. The fawn is popped.  This little detail adds so much to a simple card.

9.25 PS Side 640

I have two sons.  My "kids" are 24 and 20 and are away at college so I don't have lunchboxes or backpacks to tuck notes into.  But my almost-grown kids still need encouragement so I used the same small square format as the small notes, added a strip of patterned paper and I have a full-sized card!

9.25 PS Fox 640

The Whittle Sleepy Fox has to be my very favorite Whittle just for the expression on this face.  It goes perfectly with the sentiment (which is from a second set of sentiments - Whittle Everyday).  That's exactly how my kids are feeling right now.  There's a lot of unexpected adulting right now - "how many people are in this room - do we meet COVID restrictions" and "darn - I'm quarantined, how do I keep up with classes" or "I'm president of a club that can't meet - how do I keep the club going".  I love sending them cards - and they love whatever gift card I put inside!!

Sep 2020

I hope you enjoyed my five scenes using the charming Whittles!  And you still have time to play along with Cards for Kids.Kim Floral Signature copy




A sweet Halloween card!!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!!

Halloween is back again!!!!!!

Look this sweet slime line card with our new diecuts!!!!!! 


What do you think??? jiji Spread the magic of this spooktacular day with our mini characters!!!!!


Share Halloween fun with our new release!!!!! 


Everything, everything I like!



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Ghostly Boo
by Marybeth Lopez


Boo to you! Hello, Marybeth here today, sharing this simply fun Halloween Boo card.

I use Poppystamps Boo Outline , Squeaker Ghost and memory box Frosted Glitter Pad.


I cut out these cute little guys a few times, as I wanted a bit of a shadow and thicker texture so they would stand out on the white panel.


Again I kept this clean and simple with only two colors, that way star of this card would be the word die and the sweet little Ghost.


I keep some of my dies together, much easier to keep in one place .


Thank you for visiting us here at Poppystamps today, I hope you find some inspiration to shop and create . I know this craft we all share has been a great blessing during these difficult times. 

We are still very smoky with active fires to the east and west of where I live. I miss the blue sky and pray for so many including the firefighters! Did you know many firefighters sleep on the ground or top of the firetruck when fighting the fires. They are awesome!

Take care and God bless!






Challenge Reminder: Cards for kids!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!

Today I'm sharing a beautiful kid card,  and reminding you to play along with our monthly challenge!  Look!!!!!


I think that my card with many glitters and such a funny scene is ideal to give to a kid!!!!!


Here you have a pretty pretty details!!!! Our new glitter papers are wonderful!!!!!


I really love all vibrant colors!!!!! And look how you can see the stitches in our diecuts!!!! Wowow!!!!


Do you like????

I would love to read you in a nice comment!!!!!

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