Birthday Wishes
by Tricia Barber

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Hello! I am still a newbie when it comes to Hot Foiling.  I have foiled many a plates instead of my cardstock!  I thought I would share a tip that I have found has been useful and helped with my foiling process.  For today's card, I used some dark blue cardstock with the Deco Shells Hot Foil Plate.  You can foil on any cardstock!  I always thought that you could only foil on white, but foiling on colored cardstock creates such a wow effect! 

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Believe me when I say I have thrown away many panels!  I traditionally cut my cardstock down then foiled on a perfect 4.25 by 5.5 panel.  My results were never great until I learned to use a larger piece of cardstock, larger than your hot foil plate!  Trim your panel down to 4.25 by 5.5 or 4 by 5.25 panel after it has been foiled.   I typically will use half sheet and then trim away the edges.  Yes, you will have odd pieces of leftover cardstock but it is better than throwing an entire panel away!  The Deco Shells Hot Foil Plate created such a pretty panel on this darker cardstock!   For my sentiment, I die cut the Birthday Wishes Moonlight Script die from the Rainbow Reflections Mirror Gold Foil cardstock.   The shadow die was die cut from light blue vellum and white cardstock. This created such a soft background for the gold foil sentiment.  

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I thought the panel still needed a little something and added a matching light blue butterfly using the Nordic Butterfly Trio craft die and added a small gold jewel from the Christmas Fairy Jewel to the center.  My mother loves butterflies, so this card will be added to her card stock stash to use!   What are your tips for hot foiling that you can share with me?   I would love to know!   Happy Foiling! 

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Hi Tricia, A great tip of yours to cut your cardstock larger than required, then after foiling to cut the card down to the required size. I love your foiled card, and the way you have created your sentiment with the vellum is beautiful.
I must admit I have yet to try my foiling machine, so I can't give you any tips sorry.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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