Floating By
by Marybeth Lopez


Hello , Marybeth Lopez  with you today. I created this fun little card with friendly ghost floating by, even the " Boo" looks friendly.

I used Poppystamps : Halloween Assemblage,Whittle Scary Guys ( not :), Boo Poe Script and Autumn Fairy Jewels. All linked below.


I found this striped piece of vellum, it seemed just perfect for some light and airy ghost floating around on the card.


These Poppystamps ghost are just too cute ! At first I just had the 3 larger ghost then decided to add the two smaller Whittle Scary Ghost and love the way they added so much to the card. I love using the Autumn Fairy Jewels for the eyes , it couldn't be any easier. Just plop on. I used the same size on the small and large ghost.


I cut the boo out twice and layered it. Since it is so fragile I used spray adhesive to adhere together. You can still take your time and use glue. I have a small box I keep my spray in and I use that whenever I need to spray the adhesive to my intricate die cuts. 


Thank you for the visit today friends. I hope you can find some time to enjoy some crafty time and relax.

I hope you have a blessed rest of September. 






Hi Marybeth, I love your ghostie card, the Whittle Scary Guys are so cute and I love your composition with the vellum background.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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