Happy Halloween Cat
by Michele K. Henderson


Hello Friends!

What goes together  better than a black cat and a pumpkin? A Whittle Purring Cat from the Poppystamps newest release, and a warm, glowing jack o lantern!


I started out with a bright green Autumn Leaves Sidekick Frame, and a collection of leaves from Maple Symphony, Leafy Vine Corner, and Fanciful Fall Leaves. There's no right or wrong way to arrange the leaves, just play around until you find what you love then glue it down. My "pro tip" is try to avoid putting two leaves of the same color next to each other. I then cut the Jack O Lantern Frame in orange and green, then put it all together.


I used purple cardstock for the panel behind the cat, and the cool woodgrain design paper for the base of the card. Once all the leaves, the pumpkin, and the cat were all assembled, I added a few Treasure Chest Fairy Gemstones for a tiny sparkly finish.



There's nothing scary about this sweet little kitty!


Thanks so much for joining us today!







Hi Michele, I love this card, I love all the colours and all the die-cuts and the black pussy cat is gorgeous, I have a black cat so this card 'sings' to me.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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