Layering Stencils with Gracious Florals
by Janet Katz

MB layered stencil flower1
The Gracious Floral release from Memory Box has so much to it. I'm very new to layered stencils, so when I got my hands on these, I almost didn't know where to start. I decided to use the stencils without the coordinating stamp and it's an interesting look.
The stencil pack has 5 pages to it. There is an outline stencil that allows you to color a background around the outline of the entire flower. I didn't use that this time. Each 6 x 6" stencil page has several layers of the flowers and leaves on it, carefully marked with letters and numbers such as A1 - A4, using letters A-E. This allows you to not only know what goes with what, but in what order to use the stencils. That is handy. I used several colors of plum dye ink for the flower, along with a brown for the center. The leaves were made from two different greens. After doing all the stencil work, I used the matching die to cut the entire stenciled image out. 
MB layered stencil flower3
Then I used the die again to cut out the same shape from a medium plum cardstock and a green cardstock. I trimmed these and put them behind my stenciled die cut image as a sort of shadow.
Next, I used many of the stamps that came with the Gracious Floral stamp set to stamp a dark gray text background. I simply arranged all the stamps in a tight pattern on my stamp platform and tried that - check out the photo.
MB layered stencil flower2
(I initially tried it with an additional spritz of water, but I did not like that result.) After I made this text background, I trimmed it and matted it onto the plum cardstock and then put it on the top 2/3 of a gray cardbase. I stamped the "sending smiles" sentiment in black ink under this.
Before I glued down the stenciled image with its solid-colored cardstock shadows, I took a piece of very fine metallic twine and curled it up into a "nest" and glued it on top of the stamped background to add texture. My last embellishment was to add clear Fairy Jewels in a random pattern on the card to give it some sparkle.
MB layered stencil flower4
I hope you like this interpretation of the stenciled floral image. Have you tried layered stencils? What did you think of them?

Janet Floral Signature copy




Hi Janet, A lovely card using the layering stencil technique, and the effect is gorgeous. I must admit I love the layering stencil technique. This card will bring a smile to the recipient when they open it.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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