Junk Journal Easter egg hunt
by Nancy Penir


Happy Easter, Poppy Peeps! Have you seen the new Junk Journal die set from Poppystamps? It's a complete set of all the dies you need to create your own book of delights! The journal I made takes you on an Easter egg hunt. Come along and join the fun!


The little palm size journal greets you a fuzzy bunny and 2 little eggs. 


Open the book to reveal a pocket with a bunny. The facing page has a bee on an egg held in place with a flower paper clip.


Within the pocket is a chick under a rainbow, 2 Easter stickers I had, on a page die included in the set.

Are you keeping tract of the eggs? Several of the pages has 1, 2, or 3 eggs, some decorated with Washi Tape.

DSC_0052 2

Here are 2 morefacing pages, decorated with stickers and holding more surprises.


More eggs!


Further pages, more secrets hidden in pockets!


There's also a die for an envelope included in the set. As you can see, this envelope holds another surprise.

All pages, with their secrets revealed, are on my blog. The journal I did contains 14 decorated pages, complete with pockets and an envelope. If you'd like to see more,  visit my blog, @artful-notions.blogspot.com. I go into more detail there, and show each

page and  inserts. I also explain how I connected the pages. You Tube has several posts on Junk Journals, but be warned, this

hobby is addicting!


Journals are so much fun! I must confess, I've never done one before. This one is small, 3 x 3 5/8", and pocket sized.

Four die cut pages are sewn together with twine, and tied into a tassel. I haven't written on the journal yet, each tab allows for

direction or labeling. And you can add more pages within the journal.

Hope you enjoyed my little journal, and I wish you all a blessed and happy Easter!

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Hi Nancy, This is such a lovely junk journal with lots of colourful and gorgeous die-cuts, I love it.
Happy Easter to you and yours.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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