Birthday Floral Vase
by Kim Singdahlsen

1.26 side bl

The Floral Vase Pop Up Easel creates a beautiful bouquet, but it does even more.

1.26 standing bl

Isn't this an amazing away for your recipient to display the card?! It becomes a beautiful decoration.  And it's really simple...the set of dies does it all!

1.26 dies bl

My cards tend to be clean and simple and I have to admit, these easel cards can seem overwhelming.  But they are surprisingly easy so I snapped a few pictures along the way that might help.

1.26 base die bl

The base is the biggest die. You can see it on top of the tape. It stretches from the top of the picture to the bottom. When you cut it, it comes out with two score lines, one being the little tab at the top. Fold it as shown, then add adhesive on the tab.

Then cut the next biggest die which is the top die. It looks like the big portion of the base die but slightly smaller.  I'm not great at lining things up so I flattened the base (you can see a hint of the tape in the middle of the picture below). Then I lined up the top die starting at the bottom so I could see it was centered before getting to the adhesive.  

1.26 top die bl

Then it's time to decorate.  There are SO many flowers and leaves to choose from - I used just a few.  You should definitely be sure to check out all the samples in the store because amazing things can be done.  I especially love those that add dimension to each flower- they are works of art.  But I was going for bright and simple. I wanted the impact of the dies but in a quick and clean way.

1.26 close bl

I created a small square with black stripes - then I used the vase die to cut out the vase.  By the way, if you look at the second picture from the top of this post, notice that I also used the vase die inside. I popped it with dimensional adhesive which created the lip that holds the decorated portion upright and makes it an easel.  I picked some bright colors for the flowers and leaves, added a few gems and little grosgrain bow, and I have a very cheerful and surprisingly easy birthday card!


This is truly an amazing set of dies. I hope I've given you some tips, hints and inspiration!Kim Floral Signature copy






Hi Kim, I love this die-set, it creates a very unique easel card, the vase of flowers is beautiful and any recipient of this card would be over the moon.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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