I Love You Deerly
by Kim Singdahlsen

9.29 PS side bl

The fall release included the very sweet Whittle Forest Reindeer Kit. The kit includes the charming deer you see on my card (including their hats!), the trees, 3 more reindeer from a sideview (one of which is a fawn), multiple antlers, a rock for them to stand on and a mini stamp set focused on deer including the "I Love Your Deerly" that I used! You can see the dies in the next picture.

9.29 dies bl

For their hats, I used a couple of plaid pads by Memory Box - Woodsy Plaid and Madras Plaid Coral and Green. I also cut the ear-flap hat out of Open Studio Watercolor Paper, then I trimmed off the top of the plaid hat and adhered it to the watercolor version leaving the ear flaps open and "fluffy" (the texture from the watercolor paper.) Then I wanted some of that "fluff" on the other hat so I used a hole punch and cut a little ball for the top of that hat.

9.29 close bl

I cut their noses out of black, but I already have a Christmas card in the works with these guys and a red nose!!  This set came in the fall release but how perfect for Christmas!!

9.29 PS bl

I'm not going to do many words because I'm actually doing all of this with a broken right wrist (my dominant hand). I tell you this partly to explain the lack of words and partly because I think it really demonstrates how amazing these dies are. I didn't do anything to them besides cut and adhere - mostly using glue, but some pop dots (thank goodness my fingers are free from the cast!). That's all I did and the diecuts look wonderful.  Absolutely you can dress them up with colors or shading and it's amazing. But the point is none of that detail is here and it's still a card that I'm proud to send because of the fun detail on each die cut!

I hope I gave you some ideas and I'll be back in a few weeks with the Christmas card I mentioned!
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Hi Kim, I love these stamps and I love this card, the deer are so cute especially with their hats on, I love your card.
I cam sympathise with your problem with your wrist, I broke my left wrist (non-dominant hand) many years ago, it was horrendous the pain, so I feel so sorry for you for breaking your dominant wrist, it must be so debilitating for you, I admire your tenacity making this card, and it is beautiful.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

What an adorable card! Sending you well wishes for a speedy recovery!

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