Pinpoint Floral Cake
by Kim Singdahlsen

7.14.22 PS flat bl

The Floral Cake Pop Up Easel set is an amazing set of dies.  It not only has a layered cake but I count 16 flower dies, 8 leaves, and about a dozen other miscellaneous items AND it is an easel that will stand up.  Just browse this blog and you'll see how fabulous it all is.  But I like die sets that can be used in a variety of ways so I set out to do a clean and simple card using this set!

7.14.22 PS close bl

My card is obviously not an easel! I used just the top layer of the cake and gave it some texture with the Pin Point Half Ring Plate. For the rest of the card, I used mirrored paper from the Vintage Pastel Mirror Pad. I used a lighter shade for the icing (which by the way is a separate die - the Layer Cake Drip Icing. The easel set comes with a scalloped edge so you aren't left without a topping - I just wanted the "drippiness"!)  Then I cut simple flowers and leaves from the easel set and added a small cascade on the cake. 

I did a little extra work on the candle. By the time I got to it, I had already decided to cut the Happy Birthday Poe Script sentiment from Black Glossy Paper (it's wonderfully dark and rich!) and I wanted to bring a little more black into the main image.  On a piece of scrap paper, I adhered thin stripes of the black and a white from the Vintage Pastel pad. Then I cut the candle but I needed it shorter than the die so I trimmed a few stripes off the bottom.  I used glitter paper for the flame.

7.14.22 PS dies bl

To highlight it all, I cut three 1/2" stripes from the Vintage Pastel pad and layered everything on top of it with a couple of extra flowers thrown in at the bottom to balance the candle.

7.14.22 PS side bl

I love this set of dies!!  Definitely take a peek at the link below to see all that is in that one set.  The flowers alone are worth the die set! Although the full layered cake on an easel is absolutely stunning. I hope I gave you a new way to look at this amazing set.Kim Floral Signature copy



Hi Kim, I love this, the colours are lovely as are the combination of die-cuts.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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