Surprise Kitty
by Michele K. Henderson


Surprise! This little kitty has arrived and he is the hit of the party! Make your birthday cards pop with our brand new Floral Cake Pop Up Easel Set. These kits are so fun and easy to use, you'll find a reason to celebrate with a cake every day!


I started with the Floral Cake Pop Up Easel Set and cut the background card panels in a crisp, bright white. I added the cake layers in a bright lavender, and topped off the tiers with vivid pink icing.


I then cut an assortment of bright flower petals, centers, leaves, candles, and letters from the Floral Cake Pop Up easel Set, Marzipan Alphabet, and of course, Whittle Adorable Kitty Kit. I put it all together for something cheerful and fun.


The Pop Up Easel collection cards look great no matter which way you choose to display them. 


Thanks so much for joining us today!








Hi Michele, Love it !! Love it !! Love it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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