You Matter
by Kim Singdahlsen

4.21.22 PS side bl

I found myself in need of an encouragement card for my son who is starting to realize the complexities of "adulting".  The Whittles work well in these situations.  Of course, they also work for cheerful feminine cards or children's cards or really just about anything.  But in this case, I wanted a clean and simple masculine card. 

4.21.22 PS close bl sm

My idea started with the Whittle Circle Frames. I realized that I could lay out a variety of them and fill them with sentiments or Whittles or leaves.  Then I realized the largest one fit around what had to be the most perfect sentiment ever for what I needed "you matter so much to me" from the Diamond Sentiments stamp set. This is a large set full of a variety of sentiments that fit inside a very pretty frame stamp - but obviously you don't need to use the frame stamp. I love multi-purpose sets!

4.21.22 PS dies bl sm

The Whittles were picked with two criteria - they had to fit inside the small circle and they had to be looking toward the sentiment!  I preferred them to be "forest" type animals (vs. barnyard or ocean) but I would have used just about any of them.  Let's face it - they are all wonderfully charming and have the sweetest expressions! I went with the Whittle Squirrel and the Whittle Birds. To add just a bit more color, I put the Whittle Sunshine behind the frame.  The Whittle Sunshine also has a sweet expression but for my 26-year old son, I thought that might be one cute thing too far so I tucked its face behind the frame!  For balance, I added a sprig of leaves to the left. I picked this particular leaf from a very big set - the Woven Basket Pop Up Easel Set. It's not always easy justifying the purchase of big sets but what I've found with all of the pop up easel sets is that the extra pieces can all stand alone and are all a great addition to any collection.  In others, it's not just the easel that you're getting. By the time you add in the leaves and sprigs and bows and more, they are great sets to have.

4.21.22 PS bl sm

I hope this card will bring some cheer to my overwhelmed son - and I hope it gives you some ideas for the next time you bring the Whittles out to play!Kim Floral Signature copy





Hi Kim, I love it !! The CAS card is so elegant and all the Whittles are so cute, and the Wrapped Stitch Rectangles is one of my most favourite of dies, it creates a most beautiful border.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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