The Coolest
by Kim Singdahlsen

8.9.21 PS side bl

The Whittle Ice Cream Cone is so cute and sweet that I had to make it the focus of a card.  It's so cute, that I made eight "whittle" cones in a rainbow of colors!

8.9.21 PS dies bl

Before I got started, I went looking for a sentiment and found the perfect one in the Whittle Everyday set - "You're the Coolest".  With the sentiment picked, I realized one of the ice cream cones had to be "the coolest"!  I found pink sparkle in the Memory Box Delicate Pastel Glitter Pad so I replaced the light pink cone that I had first made out of a regular cardstock with a sparkly cone.  Then to make it even cooler, I added sparkly gems and a little bow.

8.9.21 PS Close bl

I love the details in this die.  The waffling in the cones and the stitched highlights along the edge of the ice cream give it so much interest.

Because I had so many cones, to get enough length I made a slimline card - 3 1/2" x 8 1/2".  This made is long enough for all of the cones, but there seemed to be too much space above my row of cones.  I solved that by simply scoring a double line to fill in some of that space and frame my cones.

8.9.21 PS flat bl

This was a fun card to make and all of those cool Whittle Ice Cream Cones were a nice mental break from the heat outside my window. I know who I'm going to send it to and I look forward to her reaction to being the "coolest" just like the sparkly pink ice cream cone. 

Kim Floral Signature copy




This card is SO refreshing n cooling to look at…drops the outside temps at least 10 degrees! Great creative design! Thanx for sharing!

Hi Kim, This is a 'yummy' card, the Whittle ices are good enough to eat.
Take care.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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