Hugs from a Whittle Beaver
by Kim Singdahlsen

8.19.21 PS BL

As I was planning a card for this post, I was also preparing my sons to head back to college.  That made me aware of the fact that I need to add to my stash of cards to send to them if life gets tough or for any exciting moments. So I wanted to do a very clean and fresh masculine card with a bit of whimsy.  I found the "paper hugs" sentiment in the Marzipan Greetings set, then I realized the Whittle Beaver could actually hold something as his little arms were cut out with the die!  I decided he'd hug a heart - I had many heart choices but settled on the two-tone heart from the Whittle Unicorn. I gave my beaver a tree to cut down, then added a bit of plaid paper for this masculine card.

8.19.21 PS Blue BL

I still had everything out on my desk when I realized this card could be sweet in feminine colors.  I have been sending weekly cards to my mother-in-law since the beginning of COVID lockdowns.  She's very appreciative, but the only card she has specifically mentioned is this one that I did with the Whittle Sloth. So I found some floral paper, changed it all to pink, then I moved the Whittle Beaver and Swaying Birch to the other side of the card because I liked the way his tail filled some of the space from the sentiment.

8.19.21 PS Pink BL

Just as with all of the Whittles, the expression on this little guy's face is absolutely charming!

8.19.21 Close BL

Both of these cards were quick and easy. That Whittle Beaver is so cute, he stands out whether it's a quick and easy card or whether he has lots of whittle friends and other detail around him! And I LOVE that he hugs! I am a huge fan of the whittles and the beaver may be at the top of the list!Kim Floral Signature copy





Very cute cards!!! Your color combos are so happy.

Hi Kim, These cards are so cute, all the Whittles are cute and this Beaver holding the little heart is heart-rendingly cute !! I adore your composition of die-cuts and patterned papers, I love these.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

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