Framed Forest Scene
by Kim Singdahlsen

6.3.21 PS BL

Between my husband and my college-aged sons, I am regularly in need of masculine cards.  And with the difficulties of the past year, I regularly need "hugs" cards.  To have a card in my stash for them, I used the Whittle Wood Picture Frames to create a little lake scene surrounded by evergreens with a curious little squirrel in the foreground.

Notice the shine on that first picture - that's the lake using Polished Foil, but it just doesn't show well on the rest of my pictures.


I selected the Playful Hugs sentiment. I feel like it had the right style for the my scene (especially with the Busy Squirrel checking it all out!)

6.3.21 PS close BL

I started out by just pulling out a variety of green and blue-green cardstock.  When I got done with my scene I decided I needed a little detail in the background so I used a simple striped patterned paper from the Memory Box Garden Folly 6x6 pad.  I was thrilled at how how well it coordinated!!

6.3.21 PS Flat BL

I love creating little groupings of dies and this one was especially fun.  The frame is a wonderful look and the Evergreen Trio fit into it perfectly! The squirrel was not in my original plan but I like that it added a bit of color.  And now I have a card in my stash for the next time one of my men/boys need hugs!

Kim Floral Signature copy



Hi Kim, This is a gorgeous card, I really love it.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

that is just too cute!

Really cute scene. I like how you added one tree in front of the frame, too. LOVE this.

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