Chin Up
by Kim Singdahlsen


As soon as I saw the brand new Word Balloons I had imagined a card with a row of animals and a variety of sentiments.  All of the Whittle stamp sets have a combination of punny sentiments and basic sentiments so I knew it would be fun to create a zoo or a barnyard or an ocean full of critters all saying their own thing.  That's how I started on this card and I still want to do that, but sometimes you have to listen to your mojo and in this case that Whittle Goat and his sweet expression just kept coming to the top of the pile of animals and calling my name. 


You can't go wrong using the Whittles with their cute facial expressions on any type of card.  I don't know how Poppystamps does it but the expressions on all the Whittles seem to change and go with the different types of sentiments.  If I use a sentiment like "You are one sly fox" or "Feline good" - the expressions can be a little smug.  If I use a sentiment like "Missing you pig time", they can look a little dreamy like they are thinking of you.  If I use a sentiment like "I can't adult today", they can look a little overwhelmed or sleepy. 

The Word Balloons die cuts five balloons at the same time.  I cut it a couple of times so I had ten balloons in front of me.  Then I am lucky to have all four of the current Whittle sentiment sets.  I had so much fun finding the sentiments that fit the balloons - sentiments that all had the same encouraging tone. I'd rearrange the balloons so the sentiments flowed, then I'd the change the sentiments, then I'd rearrange.  I actually took pictures along the way because some of what I came up with will fit nicely on another card with different animals.

I don't use a lot of patterned paper on my cards but these Whittle Goats were crying for their own field of grass and flowers! I found exactly the look I wanted in a Memory Box paper pad.


I decorated that first Whittle Goat with a little bow. Then I love a hint of bling, and the new Bright Fairy Jewels had just the right golden color!

There's nothing better than a card that's fun and meaningful to give to someone but also was truly fun to make.  I know we all love our hobby or we wouldn't be doing it.  But I also know that cards can be frustrating or the mojo can disappear for a while. I find working with the Whittles can be a great solution. Their expressions and fun little sentiments can bright your day before they ever mailed out to brighten somebody else's day.

I hope you have a great cardmaking day!! 

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Hi Kim, I agree with you, all the Whittles have such cute expressions on their faces, I love all of them. A really lovely card, thank you for your tutorial.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

What a fun card, Kim! I really haven't looked at the Whittles closely and you describe them so well. The goats and sentiments pair so well together!

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