Hello Sunshine!
by Jeanne Jachna

Whittle Flamingos-Poppystamps-Jeanne Jachna-CU2

Well hello sunshine!  The weather has been so fine here that I've been day dreaming of vacationing in warm tropical places.  As usual.. whenever I get a longing for something.. you know... flowers in the winter,  and Christmas in July I start to make.  My paper crafting is my sweet escape.

Whittle Flamingos-Poppystamps-Jeanne Jachna-Side

Today I'm sharing a fun scene of some Whittle Flamingos having a pool party!  The background is a double panel of aqua card stock.   The Whittle Wave Background die cut makes a splash pool for the Whittle Flamingos.

Whittle Flamingos-Poppystamps-Jeanne Jachna-CU3

Of course the sun is shining and here are a few scattered clouds in the sky.  The flamingos are cut from two shades of grapefruit cardstock because we all like to be individual!  I like that the Whittle Flamingo die cut includes three different shaped legs so you can pose the flirty birds however you like.  I used a sharpie to add black accents to their bills. 

Whittle Flamingos-Poppystamps-Jeanne Jachna-CU1

Fish from the Whittle Fish Trio are swimming in the splash pool, and when the sun gets too hot the Whittle Flamingos can seek shelter under the Whittle Palm Tree.  I added brown enamel dots because they look like coconuts and I can't resist a little bling.

Whittle Flamingos-Poppystamps-Jeanne Jachna

Enjoy the day and if the sun's not shining remember that you can make your own weather! 

Jeanne Floral Signature copy

Finished Size 4.25 x 5.5"




Hi Jeanne, I'm loving all the inspiration for the underwater and above water scenes with these adorable 'Whittles', they are all so cute. A lovely, happy and sunshiny card.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Love this! The whittled are some of my favorites!

Love the Whittles! I see a few more I will add to my wish list! Darling card!

Fun beach scene!

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