Feline Good
by Kim Singdahlsen

4.13.21 Feline Good BL

In my area of the country, we recently had a record-setting blizzard - but then we had record-setting heat!  My indoor cats were thrilled with the open windows and ran from room to room watching birds and squirrels. They spent quite a bit of time at the front door watching the birds on the porch light until I realized I should shoo the birds away before they decided it was a good place for a nest (although my cats would have loved it!)

So when I sat down to make this card and was flipping through my stash, the Grand Madison Window caught my attention because I knew I had a Whittle Cat and some Chirping Birds to re-create the scene in my own home!

04.14.21 Feline Good close BL

I cut three of the windows and layered them for dimension.  Outside the window I added the Swaying Bird and some Chirping Birds (although in brighter colors than we see here in Colorado).  It seemed a little empty so I flipped through my stash again and saw the greenery that is part of the Fern and Easy Pop Up Easel Set.  I cut about a quarter of it and then trimmed it off to fit behind the window and I have a perfect green background.  (As a side note, I adore all of the easel sets.  This one is especially nice because it makes a fabulous easel, but there are also gorgeous flowers, butterflies, and now greenery for my window - all of which I have used by themselves on other cards.  I love dies that have multiple uses!)

If you look closely, I added embossed lines about 1/2" apart on the background just to give it some texture. My strutting Whittle Cat led me to the sentiment.  This cat was definitely "feline good" so I was thrilled when I saw that sentiment in Whittle Love!

04.13.21 Feline Good side BL

The expression on that cat's face is just perfect.  Cats tend to look just like that - a bit haughty and definitely feline good! And if their food bowls are full and there are a few birds singing outside the window, life is perfect! (Of course, the same is true for me!)

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Hi Kim, A really lovely 'scene' card, I adore the cute Whittle cat. We have 'haughty' cat and she has trained her 'staff' brilliantly hahaha.
Stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

this is just the cutest!

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