by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!!

Yesterday was my Birthday!!!! And I can tell you what makes me happy is being with my family and I'm super happy with my little  granddaughter, so, I made at this time, a beautiful Love Layout with Hassive and baby Ellie...!!!! Look!!!!!

A layout

It has very romantic details!!!!!


Ohhhh my!!!! jiji I really love this and glitter papers!!!!!


I love to make my letters with gold paper too!!!! 


I love my layout! And you guess who likes my layout  too? jijiji She is Baby Ellie, so adorable jijiji


Thanks for reading, if you can, leave me a nice message!

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Wow! Es hermoso 😍 Patty, todos los detalles con los suajes muy bonitos.

Hi Patty, This layout is beautiful and your family are beautiful too, I love everything you have put on this layout and the composition is beautiful.
Lots of love from Patricia xcx

Simply beautiful! Love the stenciled background and there are so many amazing details...the little bows, the leaves, flowers and pop of gold. I love that floral paper collection too.

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