Greetings from a Whittle Sloth
by Kim Singdahlsen

1.18.21 PS Whittle Sloth 630

The newest release from Poppystamps included a Whittle Sloth!!  I don't think it could get any cuter! What a charming face!

Since the pandemic, my mother-in-law has been staying home.  She has always been a very busy, very extroverted lady. Even in her mid-80s, she volunteers for multiple organizations.  But besides her age, she has other conditions that are keeping her home.  She won't even let us visit. It's a small thing but I get a card sent out to her at least once a week.  I know she appreciates them because she has sent me pictures of her very full fireplace mantle. A card in the mailbox is a change of pace to the long hours.  But it occurred to me recently that most of my cards for her have been florals or leaves.  It was time to change it up.  And I picked the sloth for her!

I created a leafy, floral background for my sloth.  (The flowers are poinsettias but in bright colors, they looked tropical to me!)  The branch is actually the Swaying Birch. I trimmed a few branches off and added some Orchard Leaves. Then right in the middle of all of it - this happy Whittle Sloth.  I think my mother-in-law will get a chuckle out of this.

1.18.21 PS Whittle Sloth Close 630

I added a frame mainly because it gave the leaves on the branch some fun dimension.  I also brushed on a bit of blue ink for the sky.  The flowers have some glitter paper for their centers. I wanted the background to have a very cheerful look to be just right the sloth.

1.18.21 PS Whittle Sloth side 630

A list of everything I used is below.  I hope he made you smile!

Kim Floral Signature copy




HI Kim, I love this !! all the Whittles are so cute and this sloth is no exception, I love the CAS look of this card, but it is so effective, I love it !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

he is too cute and like how the scene is going out onto the framing!

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