Stained Glass Poinsettia: Bright, Rich and Frosty
by Kim Singdahlsen

I adore the Stained Glass series of dies - this post highlights the Stained Glass Poinsettia.

11.6 Bright 640

It's very rare that I use a die or stamp more than once or twice.  I know that means that each of the cards that I make is very, very expensive!! However, I justify it by adding in the hours I spend on each card - hours that I love - and figure it's actually cheap entertainment.  When I do use a die or stamp multiple times, I must love it.  Dies that do the work for me because they are unique and detailed are my very favorites.  As you can see, the Stained Glass Poinsettia die rates as one of my favorites.

11.6 Trio 640

I started with the rich and elegant card.  I didn't start out with the idea of rich and elegant - I started just wanting to use a variety of papers.  The poinsettia is a velveteen paper, the frame and rays are a glittery white paper I had in my scrap pile and the background is a pearlized yellow. I also used the diecut horizontally which I hadn't seen done yet and I like the look.

I got that much done and I wasn't sure how to finish it off.  Then I noticed the "leftover" glittery white poinsettia petals from the sparkly frame and knew I couldn't waste them - so the idea of two (at this point) very different cards came to mind.  To make this one elegant and more traditional, I found a beautiful Memory Box paper for the background, then added some gray and some gold accents.  The "Joy to the World" from Christmas Quotes fit perfectly.

11.6 Elegant 640

The details on that poinsettia, even using velveteen, shows up beautifully.  I popped the outer edges of the leaves just a bit.

11.6 Elegant Close 640

Then I moved on to the glittery white petals.  I knew I wanted to totally mimic the first card but with cool and frosty colors.  I found another Memory Box paper and pulled the blues and greens from it.  Since I was basing this card on the first card, I used the same sentiment set and realized "Peace on Earth" worked perfectly for this one.

11.6 Fresh 640

Just like with the red velveteen, the detail on the die shows up beautifully on the glitter paper (although note this isn't a chunky glitter paper - it's smoother)

11.6 Fresh Close 640

I thought I was done at this point; I was actually cleaning up my craft desk.  But I saw that there was another sentiment in the set that just needed to be used.  "Merry and Bright" is perfect for a true "stained glass" poinsettia with bright and cheerful colors.  This was been one of my favorite color combos over the summer so I gave it a try with the poinsettia. I added the green to one side for the "leaves" then I added sun and sky colors to the right.  I think it's pretty clearly a Christmas card, but I gave it more of a frosty look by adding a layer of vellum.  (I did not add patterned paper as with the first two cards because it just seemed too busy.)  This is the card that started this post, but here's another angle.

11.6 Bright Close 640

I had a ball creating these cards - and now I have three unique Christmas cards that will go to friends and family depending on their "personality" and style.

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NOTE on SUPPLIES: I also used the coordinating dies for the Christmas Quotes clear stamp set




very nice.

Kim, these cards are beautiful! and yes, I, too, like the horizontal way you used that die. I smiled to myself when I read your comments about using a die or stamp once or twice, I usually only purchase one that I know I will use multiple times even though it takes me a long time to make a card and I do "count" my expenditures as entertainment and/or pastoral outreach! Wishing you many blessings during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

Hi Kim, Beautiful cards, and you have painstakingly paper-pieced back in all those lovely colours, a definite stained glass effect. Beautiful !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Wow! I can see why you love this die!! Amazing cards, all so striking and my absolutely fav is that with cheerful colours!

Beautiful, great use of the glitter paper!

Beautiful cards and not just for x-mas , I can see the die being used for other types of cards too in the pastel coloured cards. All very lovely !

It is showing very beautiful and attractive stained glass poinsettia.

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