A Fall Hello
by Kim Singdahlsen

I am thrilled to be a new member of the Poppystamps design team.  Before I was even asked to be part of this team, my collection of Poppystamps products was already large.  I am excited to be able to share with you as part of the Poppystamps team. 

For my first card, I wanted to say "hello" and I combined all of my favorite things.  I love autumn.  I love groupings of dies. And I love clean and fresh cards.  (I don't call them "simple" and I'll explain as I give you more details on this card.)  Clearly I also love Poppystamps products - with a special place in my heart for the Whittles!  The Whittle Squirrel was a last minute addition to what was supposed to be an elegant card - and I think they totally make the card!

Autumn Hello 640

I am a very visual cardmaker.  I have a general idea in my mind, but I still have to cut and try and move and change often dozens of times.  I don't know if it is like that for everybody; probably not given the volume of cards many cardmakers create.  Luckily I like the process, plus I typically end with a variety of scraps to try on my next card.  Nothing is adhered at this point until I am completely happy with what I am seeing.


Of course I cleaned up quite a bit before snapping this photo but you can see that I tried different colors for the squirrels. I also tried a gray sentiment, pearlescent green leaves, reddish-orange leaves, plain golden leaves, clear sequins and yellow gems. And that's not even getting into the various layouts that I played around with. 

When I finally have everything together in a layout that I like, I snap a picture with my phone.  This helps to adhere everything later.  There are other methods of keeping an arrangement of dies together to glue it down, but I like doing them one at a time because I am a huge fan of dimension so I have to adhere these in a certain order.  Here's my phone photo. Everything is in an order that I like, it seems balanced, I even planned the "hello" over the pumpkin.  And this is why I don't call then clean and "simple" cards - the details can make a difference!! 


Now it is time to adhere it all.  I like dimension - it can bring a card alive.  It's kind of hard to tell with this one because the phone photo has so many layers of dies, it looks like it already has dimension but I want to keep that when it is glued.  After the stripes are down, I adhered the leaves but only at the end so that the tops can pop up.  Then I use different thicknesses of dimensional dots.  The label and the pumpkin are on a thinner dot and the squirrel is on a thicker.  (Did you happen to notice that I changed my mind after my "final" phone photo - I just had to add the baby squirrel!)

Close 640

I do love dies and the detail on these particular dies is fabulous.  I look forward to many more cards with Poppystamps!

Kim Floral Signature copy






Love this awesome card & the
added squirrel is perfect. Congratulations on joining the Poppstamps team!

Wonderful card! Your stye is a breath of fresh air; lots of detail and dimension but not crowded with unnecessary extras.

Welcome to the team, Kim ! We are so happy to have you, what a beautiful way to start with this darling fall hello card! I love shimmer and shine of the gold leaves

Hi Kim, Welcome, welcome, welcome, it is lovely to see your first DT card for Poppystamps. A really lovely card with a fabulous composition of die-cuts and colours.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Welcome to Poppy Stamps, Kim! Looking forward to seeing many more of your creations! Sounds as though we approach card making in the same way. It takes me forever to come up with something that really looks quite simple! I like your style!

Congrats on joining the team! Love the pretty palette on your card, I have a soft spot for leaves and adore your design.

Sweet card! I love all of the Whittles so much and now I am wanting the squirrels! Love the pumpkins too! Congrats on your spot on the team!

Oh, Kim, you do can well! So perfectly clean and simple, but beautiful in simplicity. Love it!

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