A little note!!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!

Looking for a beautiful idea for a card????

Today I share an Easel card that I love a lot!!!!!! Look!!!!

This is my card when it's open!!!!


Adriana Pop Up Easel Set craft die  it's definitely my favorite diecut!!!! You can do a different card so beautiful!!!!

I love too the cutie rabbit, is so big!!! I have drawn flirty eyelashes!!!!! jiji

I love that we already have alphabets!!!!!

This is my card when is closed!!!!


Glitter papers are so beautiful!!!! Delicate pastel colors pad is so sweet, I love this!!!!


Another view with a lot of shine, flowers and those flirty lashesssss!!!!! jiji


Look! This is so wonderful!!!!!


I cut the "sentiment"  with gold paper!!!


Beautiful, really????? Do you want to try making a card like this? :)


Kisses my friends!!!!

Leave me a sweet message! Thanks!!!!

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Es una belleza, todos los suajes me gustaron. Felicidades Patty

Hi Patty, Gorgeous !! I adore all the die-cuts, the patterned paper bunny is stunning, as are the sexy eyelashes. I love, love, love this card.
Stay safe, stay well.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

The easel card is gorgeous. I must try it!

This is simply adorable, Patty!

Fabulous shaped card, love the little bunny!

A stunning piece of artwork. Love it!

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