Love & a sweet Card!!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!

Patty Tanúz here :)

How are you?

I'm so excited to be posting my card!!!!!! A lovely and sweet card!!!! Look!!!!!!


My project includes a lot of tenderness and glitter !!!!


First I made my background with a pink paper and white ink!!!!


Which part of my card do you like more?




Awwww, as usually, I'm in love!!!! jiji

Kisses amigas!!!!

Don't forget visit our online store!!!!

0 Patty Floral Signature copy



Hermoso y si mucha ternura,el osito lo ame

Sooo sweet!

Hi Patty, I love every part of your card, but what amazed me most was your pink background card, I thought you have used an embossing folder, it is so very effective, and together with the Whittle panda, a truly beautiful card.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

The panda and love notes are really sweet!!

Such a CUTE card makes me REMEMBER my childhood, Valintines Day.

So very, very cute, Patty!

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