by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!

Today I Start my Christmas season with Poppy!!!!!! Look this beauty jiji


Corgis are so happy in Winter Sleigh!!!!! Look like they have the wind in their face and they are enjoying it! jiji


Merry Christmas Flourish is really wonderful!!!! I use mirror gold paper and this is so magic!!!!


I love everything about Poppy!!!!!! and you????


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Awwww.... Such lovely card! Great design and colours and I just LOVE the super cute reindeers with their scarves in the Santa's sleight!! :D Adorable!

Wow!! Es una belleza. El trineo con sus wittle corgis me gustaron

My favorite is the sleigh--how cute is that!

Hi Patty, I love the colours, I love the 'sun-ray' effect, I love the Merry Christmas, I love the sleigh and the winter berries, and the Whittle corgis are 'darling' with their scarves blowing in the wind as they 'fly' on the sleigh. I absolutely love this !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Fun and colorful!

good card
good luck

Que linda te quedo tu tarjeta Patty!!!

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