Fa-Boo-Lous Layout
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!!

Today I share my new Halloween Layout!!!!! 

Bring your cup of coffee and enjoy that I have many photos for you! Look!!!!!


I have many protagonist stars in my layout jiji  These diecuts from Poppy love me! jiji

I will talk with you about "Spellcaster Witch"!!!

First, when I see this little Witch, my first sentiment was fear!!!! jajaja I thought it is very creepy !!!! 

Then I said, I want to transform her into a sweet and good Witch!

First, I cut several layers, I want a "chipboard" embellishment jiji
I have 4 cuts...  I only need the face and body in white!


I adhere 3 layers and white is to decorate!!! Cut hat....


I love this! Have you seen her face? Everything changes and is no more creepy!

Look at her big eyelashes like mine !!! jajaja


To the top I add the hat!!!! I painted her blouse with a Black Sharpie!!!!


Look this "creepy sweetness" jajaja I really love her!!!!! Do you like???? jiji Now looks like a tender old lady jajaja


When I went to a business where  sell coffee,  gave me that strip of paper for the hot glass, it's a good idea to recycle it to dress my little witch!!! jiji


Then, you can see her in my layout!!!! I add some details with a white pen!!!! Look at her mouth!!! jiji is red!!!! jiji


But I also have other diecuts protagonists! I love all!!!! jiji The ghost says Boo!!! jaja


Look this part!!!! I love Poppy stamps! Wow!!!!

And the Surprise Skeleton is so funny!!! It seems he wants to scare my sweet Witch! jiji11

Ohhhh, my pretty witch  already lives in the garden of my house!!!!!

Oh, I share you the background of my layout! So light a fire! jiji


And finally, my layout again,The enchanted Witch on the right side, it's me jajaja


Do you like???? Thanks for the patience of reading me here!

Kisses amigas!!!!

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Oh, I love it! We can all change for the better. Brilliant layout.

This is so awesome and fun and brilliant!!

Amazing - I use recycled coffee sleeves too - a great choice for this dress and nicely done on the good witch

WoW!Gran proyecto, felicidades Patty, todo en si me gusto

You are a genius!!! :D Absolutely LOVE your good witch!!! She is so lovely and cute!! :D Great upcycling of the coffee sleeve and fabulous elements in your layout!! Brilliant use of your photo sketch!! :D :D So clever!!!!

Hi Patty, I love this layout, your witch is lovely, especially her fantastic eyelashes, and I love all the paper piecing you have done with her. What a fabulous layout this is.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Now that’s thinking outside the witch, er, box! Adorable layout and the way you changed the tone and look of the witch is boo-tiful! Thanks for sharing!

So charming how you
made her over to a
good witch! Cute
Carla from Utah

I absolutely LOVE this, Patty!

I like your nice looking witch. She isn't creepy.

Fabulous layout and I love your witch. Great way to stretch this die for year round use. Hugz

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