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Thu 16

Art Deco Peacock
by Michele K. Henderson


Hello Friends!

I am so happy that you have joined us here today! I have a project that I am really proud of, this beautiful Plumed Peacock and Deco Victor Square, all done in shiny foil paper. I love the crisp Art Deco look that emerged after I framed the Plumed Peacock inside the Deco Victor Square. Take a look!


Arranging the Peacock in the frame is really quite easy, but the intricate paper piecing of the peacock and the details in the plumage is not for the faint of heart. Here's a little peek at this work in progress.


I cut the peacock in multiple shades of foil paper in emerald green, teal, and royal blue, and then went to work fitting together the feathers and eyes with craft tweezers. Then I added the pieces of the frame that I wanted to shine, and finished it all with the Pointed Rectangle Frame. I hadn't realized how sleek and elegant the peacock looked until I saw it finished in the frame in the perfect Art Deco combination!


Thanks so much for joining us today!

Michele Floral Signature copy




HOW BEAUTIFUL, Michelle!!! ;)

WOW! Such a wonderful combination of dies and the foils look so gorgeous. I admire your patience, Michele!

Cudnie :)

This is just stunning, a beautiful palette for this regal bird. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Really elegant and shining! Thanks for the inspirations!

Hi Michele, This is beautiful, it looks like a 'stained glass window'.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Just gorgeous!!!

Just beautiful!

Simplemente MAGNIFIQUE!

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