Star of Wonder
by Donna Peachey


Star of wonder, Star of night

Star with royal beauty bright...


With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it might be nice to take a little break from card making.

And I don't know about you, but sometimes I take a look at a die and my mind starts to wonder 'what if'.

So today's post shows just what happened when I first saw the Deco Tree Frame craft die set...


I took one look at that tree...   and wondered if I could make it into a hanging star.


Want to see how this was made?


You will need 20 of the inner parts of the trees and 10 0f the outer parts.

This photo shows that I've already glued them back to back - which you'll need to do before anything else! 

You'll also need 2 of the Folk Star - cut from corrugated card as shown.

Snapseed 2

Start with the Folk Star.  You'll need one, good side face down.

Cut a circle that sits just inside the inner corners of the Star and glue it into place, then add the outer sections of the Tree as shown.

Don't use your red liner tape for this as you may want a bit of 'wiggle room'!

Snapseed 3

Once happy, add some glue to the centre and leave those outer sections to dry.

Then add those inner sections of the Tree.

And then add those outer sections again so that they marry up with the first lot.

Snapseed 4

Once everything is completely dry, add just a touch of glue to the very ends of those outer Trees and pinch them together until set.

This adds a little more strength to the design.  It is going to be hanging, after all!

Then add the other Folk Star, good side face out this time.

To decorate, I've pierced a hole through the centre just big enough to add two bells on a string. I've then tied a knot and cut off most, but not all of the excess twine.

The finishing touch?

Texture Paste.

Add as much or as little as you like!


Here's one final photo...


Thanks so much for stopping by today. 

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My mind would have never gone in this direction but I'm so glad yours did. This is fabulous and very creative.

This is just beautiful! And so 'outside the box'. Would be an awesome tree topper.

What a clever and beautiful way to use this die! I wasn't interested in this die because I'm not really into art deco but, unlike you, I never stopped to consider the other possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration! This die is now going on my wish list.

Saw this on Face Book....this is FANTASTIC! Never would have known you used the Tree die. So clever and beautiful! Merry Merry!

BEAUTIFUL JOB, Donna!!! I TOTALLY LOVE IT when people come up with something SO ORIGINAL with something that isn't what it was meant for! ;) A SUPER JOB on your star ornament!!!! ;)

You are amazing, Donna! This is so beautiful, a treasure for sure!

Hi Donna, You have a brilliant brain to think of this idea. Your Star of Wonder is stunning !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Looks gorgeous and
a fabulous way to
use the die.
Carla from Utah

This is beautiful. Great job

wow this is amazing, so creative!!

Beautiful, creative hanging star. Thank you for the fresh perspective.

Brilliant! Yes, brilliant in design, thought and result!

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