Inky Oxide Cards
By Dave Brethauer

Hello everybody! I'm back today with a video and fun giveaway!

I've been spending a lot of time working with our holiday collection over the last month and created a video using stamps from our Poppystamps line. I combined these with Oxide Inks and wanted to share a few ideas with you today!


If you ever had trouble blending ink onto backgrounds for handmade cards, you won't have any trouble with Distress Oxide ink! I've created a collection of cards using some easy blending techniques that will make your handmade creations come alive.

To view this video in HD click here

Throughout the series of cards today, I have used two great stamp sets - the CL466 Poinsettia Delights and the CL468 Mistletoe and Holly - since they work well with each other. The stitching detail on both sets allows you to create seamless background and borders.


For this first card, I used Distress Oxide ink in Candied Apple and Mowed Lawn (with a touch of Crushed Olive). The red and green combine to create little clouds of color on the card - and I just aimed for the red areas when I stamped the poinsettias. In the video, you can see how I touched up some of the leaves with an easy painting technique with Distress Oxides.

Hint - don't worry too much about the areas where the red and green overlap! Red and green don't necessarily want to blend - but once you are done creating the card, the overlap makes the background more interesting!

The Poppystamps 2111 Merry Outline die coordinates well with a lot of the sayings from the CL465 Merry Everything Clear Stamp Set - so I combined these to make a complete sentiment on the front of the card. The 2111 Merry Outline die actually has two pieces - one cuts out the letters in "merry" and the other cuts out the outline - so I cut the letters out of White Glitter Cardstock and then glued them onto the outline, which I had cut out from a piece of vellum. You can sort of see through the vellum and it's a neat effect! 

After positioning the "merry" in the center of the card, I added "and bright" (made from the CL465 set - embossed in white embossing powder onto bright red cardstock).


Another great use of the outline for the merry die is to create a window on the front of your card!

You can see through, just a little bit, to the inside - a peek of what's to come when you open the card.


Once you open the card, the inside is revealed! The background of Distress Oxide ink - Crushed Olive, Broken China - creates a bright blend of colors beneath images from the Poinsettia Delights and the Mistletoe and Holly set.

I stamped and embossed the images around the edges because leaving some room in the middle helps the "merry" stand out a bit. 

Since the background was a blend of greens, I cut the "merry" out of a bright red cardstock, so that things would look really festive!


I then added some more words to complete the sentiment. I was careful to position these so that they wouldn't show through the opening on the front of the card - that way the recipient gets a nice message when they open it up. "Have yourself a" and "little Christmas" are from the CL465 Merry Everything set.


Since the Distress oxide ink is reactive with water you can play around a little bit with a wet paintbrush to create some interesting effects on the stamped images. I added water to the paper inside the leaves and berries and you can see that the color of these images changes when water is painted on it - lightening up and even shifting the color a little bit. This soft look is even better in person! 

Notice on the berries - the paper was originally green under the berries, but shifted to a light aqua color when the ink was painted with water. It is so cool!


I really loved the look of using the outline to create a window on the front of the card, so I created a similar composition with the 2112 Joy Outline. I simply cut out a window using the outline on the front ("Wishing you" is from the CL465 Merry Everything Stamp Set and hearts are stamped from the CL467 Tidings of Joy Stamp Set) and then I added a few sequins - nice and simple.


It is enough of a composition that you could just write a message inside, but I decided to be a little creative ...


...so that when you open it you see an ombre pink background and a medley of holiday greenery at the top.

I created the soft background with Distress Oxide ink in Picked Raspberry and Spun Sugar - after I blended these together, I let it dry a bit (I waited about a 1/2 hour) and then I stamped and embossed poinsettias, leaves and berries from the two stamp sets that I had been working with.


I left the bottom portion unstamped, so that the "joy" would be floating down at the bottom.

I chose a bright pink cardstock for the letters - it coordinates with the soft pink background, but it really stands out!


Of course the Joy outline works well on the front of a card too!

For this card idea, I blended Candied Apple and Picked Raspberry Oxide inks on some cardstock and then embossed some poinsettias on opposite corners - which left a space in the middle for the Joy.


I wanted the "joy" to really stand out - so some white glitter cardstock for the joy outline was just perfect.

I painted some of the poinsettia in with Candied Apple Oxide ink - so that the leaf petals would appear red even over the pink areas (more of that in the video). I just applied some Candied Apple to a piece of plastic, then picked up the ink with a wet brush and painted normally onto the cardstock. It is a breeze and the red stands out nicely against the pink background.


The last card was another variation of Oxide Ink backgrounds - and I filled the card with mistletoe and holly images from the CL468 Mistletoe and Holly stamp set.

I sponged the cardstock with the greens that I had been using (and a little Broken China in the center), then embossed the images in white. I added a little water to the leaves here and there, to create a little bit of glow. I wasn't too careful - I wanted the color to blur a little.


I couldn't resist filling in all of those berries with some red glitter glue - and it sure did turn out nice against the green background!


Couldn't you see this done in shades of gray with clear glitter glue - or in shades of blue with turquoise glitter glue?

I hope you got a few ideas from the video - whether you are blending backgrounds with Oxide inks or painting with them, you'll have a lot of fun using them! And these bold joy and merry dies, along with the coordinating stamp sets that go with them, will help you create lots of cards because they are so versatile!

Want to win some dies? Please tell me about a merry or joyful crafting memory! Just leave a comment on the Youtube video for a chance to win the Joy Outline die and Merry Outline die! (Leave a comment by September 20, 2018 midnight PST.) The winner will be announce on Friday September 21 on the blog!

As an example - here's my joyful crafting memory:

Making homemade candles with my Grammie - we had saved a couple dozen milk cartons and cans for the molds and filled them with melted wax one afternoon in her kitchen, then gave them as gifts to friends. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Very beautiful and clever designs. Thanks for sharing these with me.

Merry and memorial - with my Mom in the kitchen addressing Christmas cards that we had made (way before stamping tools and the awesome products we have available now) but fun and we thought they were perfect and they were made with LOVE!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I love every one of these fabulous cards! Gorgeous stamping on these oxide inks!

Thanks for the inspiration! How nice to have several ideas using the same products...love it!

Both of your cards are gorgeous. I love Oxide inks and playing with them. You gave some great ideas on making some cards for this Christmas. Can't even pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing your creative talents with all of us in Blogland.

Thank you for some great idea using Distressed ink and oxide inks. I enjoy using them, but
had not used them in this way. Thanks again for using your talent and knowledge with us.

What fabulous holiday inspiration! Loved the techniques ... thanks!

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing
these festive cards.
My favorite memory is the first year I made Christmas cards. My husband was tasked to drop them in the mail and forgot. I didn't realize they hadn't been sent until several weeks later in January when he found the package in his work van! Oh well, better late than never!

Goodness, Dave. You have blown me away by this creative technique that has produced such gorgeous cards. So when you were doing the ink-blending, how come you didn't leave your fingerprints in the wet oxide inks? That always happens to me.

Love, love, love your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Your cards turned out beautiful.

These cards are so lovely. I especially love those with the plain outside and the fab decorated panel when the recipient opens them. Can you share the type of sponge you're using to apply the inks? Thanks in advance.


My merry and joyful moment is getting together with my stamping ladies for our annual Christmas card swap! What fun!

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful blending techniques!

Beautiful cards, great ideas. Thank you.

One of my favorite memories is using an embossing pen to outline and add details to store bought Christmas cards and embossing them with gold ink. Then I signed the card and addressed the envelopes with the same pen and embossing powder. This was right after I had seen a demonstration of heat embossing and bought the pen, powder and heat gun!! That was 20 plus years ago and I'm still in love with heat embossing. Thanks for a great video, Dave!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful technique! These are beautiful Christmas cards that I look forward to creating!

Beautiful and soft creations! I remember making Christmas tree ornaments (beads on pins into styrofoam shapes) for my aunts and uncles and being so proud when they'd show up on their trees every year!

I love the colors of these cards, the kind of muted green and orange and the amazing word die cuts!
My crafty memory is a fresh one - I was lucky to go to a craft fair last weekend and meet with crafty friends, and although I already miss them again, my heart is full!!

One of my favorite crafty memories is when I was 11. I had been in a sledding accident and broke my ribs so I was on the couch for what seems like years to a eleven year old. My Mom came home with a bag of yarn some glue,pins and a foam cone.She taught me how to make pom poms and stick them on the tree. It turned out beautiful and I gave them as gifts to my Mommom and Aunt.

All wonderful examples, thanks for the inspiration!

Love all the techniques and inspiration! Great video!

Love these techniques!!!

Wonderful cards and techniques. My crafting memory is having fun creating projects with the grandchildren.

Gorgeous cards. Great tutorial!

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