Daisy Frame Notepad Holder & Handmade Notepad
by Jennifer Svare

Daisy Notepad1

Hello!  I've been having so much fun with the Daisy Frame from the new release!  Today I'll share how I made a notepad holder from clear acetate, along with a notepad made from gingham paper from Birchpress Design.  

Daisy Notepad Padding Compound

The gingham papers are perfect for this project.  They are gorgeous, light colors with a perfect thickness; not too heavy and not too light.  This makes it even easier to make notepads that look sharp.  I had no idea how simple padding compound is to use, and I'll show how to use it in the video below.

The notepads were made using an assortment of paper colors, so each time a page is used, the color of the next piece is revealed through the clear acetate, creating different looks!

Daisy Notepad Colors

Here's a full tutorial video on how to make these fun notepads and holders:

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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Jennifer, WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA!!! LOVE hearing about the Padding Compound. Will have to find out where to get that! ;) You did a FABULOUS JOB on your project!!!! AND I think it's a PERFECT USE of this Daisy Frame Craft Die! LOVE TOO, how with each change of color it looks different!!! ;) THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!!! A SUPER VIDEO!!!:D

These are fantastic!! So pretty plus the die has so much elegant detail and I love the papers too! Thanks for sharing as I’ve always wondered what is used to hold notes pads together and now I know ;)

beautiful die and wonderful project!

What a pretty and creative project to use this die on. Thanks for sharing all of your details for your project & tips in using the Padding Compound. I love your your pairing of the gingham papers with the daisies.

I really enjoyed learning how to make this with the acetate. That is the perfect the die for it; pretty too.

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