Hello Fine Flamingo Card!!!!
by Patty Tanúz

Hello amigas!!!! :)

Do you want to see vibrant colors???? And  a funny card??? jijiji Then, welcome to this Poppy post!!!! :)

IMG_5885I used  textured  cardstock, beautiful details like pearls & glitter and I used lots of dies to make my card!!!!

IMG_5887Did you see the yellow tag? I paint it with a yellow Sharpie jiji I love this idea, I used too a sharpie to paint Fine Flamingo!!!!

IMG_5886Hello diecut is so pretty, I love this font!!!! I put on them, acrylic dots!!!!

IMG_5888Glitter is my passion!!!! I put too metallic dots!!!! Ohh my goshhh, I love my card jiji And you? :)

IMG_5889Ready for receive summer jiji, let' s go to the beachhh, pleaseeee, but, before, leave me a pretty comment jijiji

Kisses amigas!!!!

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Bella tarjeta, el Flamengo me encanto, luce mucho, Felicidades amiga

OMG!! Your cards are always AMAZING!! This one is FABULOUS!! I LOVE the colors!!

Patty ~ What do you use to add your dot embellishments? Is it paint or something else?

Thanks for your help and the WONDERFUL inspiration you always provide!!

Huge smile looking at this card, so sweet and uplifting! And lots of energy.


Hi Patty, These colours are so vibrant and your card is really fabulous !!
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Glorious colorful! Total Summer!
Wouldn’t u love to go to the beach with the flamingos? I would...& today u provided this!

Patty esta preciosa tu tarjeta y el flamingo me encanto!!!

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