Floral Dotted Border
by Jeanne Jachna

I hope you're having a great day!  I'm looking for Spring in my little part of the world, and so far it looks like it's alluding me.  On dreary days I like to craft and make a bright spot of my own.  Here's what I made today!
I should have checked the availability of all the dies I worked with today before I started crafting.  My apologies but the Blooming Poppy is no longer available.  Maybe you already have it? What's unique about my card today is really the background - and I think it would make a beautiful setting for any floral die you might have.
I started by creating an ombre red background.  The typical card I make is an A2 size (4.25 x 5.5").  I usually cut the cover panel slightly smaller than the card base leaving about an quarter inch border around the card (finished size 4 x 5.25").  I chose 5 different shades for my background.  I made each strip a little over an inch wide.  I taped the different colored panels together and then trimmed them to fit my card base. 

Next I cut a panel of white card stock 4 x 6"  Using a ruler I lined up the floral dotted border die as close to the edge as possible, taped the die in place and cut the border on both edges of the paper.  It's very important to use a ruler because the flowers on the outside edge of the die are uneven.  line up the die from the inside (where the dots are) Because the panel is longer than the actual die it stays together until you're ready to trim it down for the card cover. 
All that's left is to embellish the center panel with your favorite image.  I matched the colors of the blooms with the colors included in the ombre background.   I love the color peeking through the open designed flowers.  They look like lace!
This is a great way to stretch your border dies!  I hope you'll give this technique a try!

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Jeanne, your card is BEAUTIFUL! I LOOOVE the way you did the ombre background! It adds SUCH INTEREST! I also LOVE this Floral Dotted Border! SO INTERESTING! It DOES ADD a lacy touch to your card! ;) I also LOVE that Poppy Die! LOL (I wouldn't have thought to check either! ;) ) MAYBE, the new Daisy would look WONDERFUL on this? ;) SUPER JOB & HOPE you get some warmer weather soon! I think we're in for storms.....

Hi Jeanne, I love how you created your background, I absolutely adore your border die-cutting and the poppy die-cuts are fabulous, a really beautiful card.
I hope you get some Spring weather real soon, we have got summer-like weather here today, not usual at all, we seem to go from cold to hot in a day and then back again, it's no wonder we get lots of colds haha.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

The border is such a pretty frame for the flowers!

I'm loving this stunning creation!

Love seeing this bright card on a snowy day. Just gorgeous!

This is really a great, happy card! Love the border!

Très jolie !

I just love the flowers!! They remind me of our trips to Europe...

Even though it is pouring here, your brought a bit of spring into the room as I read how you made your poppy card.

Thank you for sharing

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