Winter White Out
by Michele K. Henderson


Hello Everyone!

Are you ready for the big snows of the season? As a child growing up in Wisconsin, I used to love waking up on frosty winter mornings to the crisp white snow covering every inch of the yard. I still love seeing lots of snow today, unless I have to shovel it of course! Today I have created an unusual card for me, an all-white Winter White Out! Take a look!


It's completely white! Originally I had planned to add bits of color here and there, like tiny brown deer, or yellow lights in the window, but I really liked the idea of a perfectly white scene with a smooth a snow texture too!


I started out by cutting a square card base out of heavy white card stock, then cutting the Pointed Square Frame, trimming and measuring until I reached a perfect fit!


Then I cut out all the tiny parts of the Classic Cottage, two Tree Trunks, and the Tiny Fawns, all out of crisp white card stock. I then added the first Tree Trunk to the upper left corner, then trimmed the second Tree Trunk to line up alongside the first, to look like  continual row of trees. Once the trees were in place, I added the Pointed Square Frame.


This picture is a little fuzzy, I know! I was gluing the Tree Trunks into the upper right corner with my right hand, and holding the camera with the left! But I know you get the idea! Once the trees and frame were in place, the house, windows, doors, eaves and Tiny Fawns wee easy breezy!


That's how to make your own Winter White Out! This would look really cute as a holiday gift tag too!

Thanks so much for joining us today!

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Absolutely beautiful! xxx

This is really beautiful, so elegant all in white!

Hi Michele, I have never made an 'all white' card before, bbut this is so pretty.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

This is beautiful. Love the Tiny Fawns.

This looks like my house when it snows! Trees & deer included! ;) SUPER JOB, Michelle!!! ;)

Love your card, Michele! Just gorgeous.

This is soooo beautiful, I so love this all white card!!!! Gorgeous!!!

Clean, Crisp and so Sweet! TFS Michele. Hugs..

This is soooo beautiful, I so love this card!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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