Remembering Christmas...
by Patty Tanúz

Hola amigas!!!!!

I'm "homesick" for Christmas holidays, days and months pass so fast and we have a cold february buuuuut, I miss Christmas time  (I should laugh Ho Ho Ho) jajaja so, I have a beautiful cats in this Christmas Card!!!!! jijiji I can`t wait a year for show you!!!!!!

Maybe some ladies make christmas layouts or mini albums? jajajaja maybe I'm just crazy? jajajaja


I like non-traditional colors!!!!!

IMG_3136Mhhhh Christmas Love in February jijiji


Those kittens will be my favorites forever!!!!

IMG_3138Thanks for your sweet comments amigas!!!!!!!

Thanks for my Birthday comments in my past post!!!!!!!!


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Morning Patty, It is never too early to start our Christmas cards, and I vowed to start mine very early this year. The kitties are so cute, I love their red cheeks, adorable, I love this card !!
Have a lovely day.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

So sweet! Love the rosy cheeks.

This card is so
fun and pretty.
Carla from Utah

super cute.

Absolutely cute!

very cute, like the sparkle and the dancing cat, so fun!

muy bello Patty! ese suaje de love me encanto!! :)

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