Hang In There

Hang In There

It seems I'm always needing a little something to send to a friend who is a bit under the weather.  When Poppystamps introduced these cute little critter stamps, I thought the Squirrel would be perfect.  

I love white on white, with a pop of color.  I left the inside blank so I could add a little note of encouragement.  Another card that's perfect to have on hand.  

A little update:  Taylor and I are having a wonderful time.  We are now more than halfway through our vacation.  Our New Zealand friends are making our vacation perfect and we are so glad we were able to add them to our vacation plans.  Soon we'll be back in the states and the heat of summer.  Taylor will be heading off to college and I'll be getting back in the swing of as my husband calls it.....Normal living!

It was sad to leave my son, his wife and the friends we met while visiting.  It was most sad to leave the grandkids.  They grow so fast.  I'm looking forward to them visiting us in the States. 

Until next time.....Happy Crafting!

Mary Signature copy


Lovely card!

Cute card! I love the sparkles!

So cute! Love the coloring of this squirell, super cute! :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Mary beautiful get well card, love this cute flying squirrel.


Darling card Mary! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip

This is so cute, clever idea....

Love the cute little squirrel on the mostly white card.

This card is so funny and cute, I love it!

he is too cute and sure to bring a smile, glad you are having a good time!

Your card made me smile...so cute.

This is so cute! Bound to cheer up anyone under the weather. :-)

LOVE the adorable squirrel!! 2 nights in a row my cat brought me a live, uninjured baby squirrel. What a magical feeling holding them in my hand and knowing that I had a part in rescuing them by sending them to a wildlife rehab facility! So sweet!! TFS!

Lol cute flying squirrel, it cheered me up. Love the pop of color.

so cute, I like your card

Adorable squirrel...great use of white space.

Another really cute card.

Bonita!!!!!!! Love ypur card :)

LOVE this adorable card!!
I couldn't imagine my grandchildren living so far away form me! We are fortunate enough that they are within a 20 minute drive and they come by often to visit! I can be having a horrible day and they show up and life is great again!!

super cute card!!

so cute and beautiful!!!!

Very cute card, Mary.

What a fun card.

Cute card and stamp!

It has to be hard hanging in there missing those grandkids - they are the best ever you know - lovely get well card - hope your day goes beautifully - blessings

CUTE card Mary :)
Keep enjoying every moment of your exciting vacation!!!

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