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Have you ever had a day where you picture in your mind exactly how your card will look when completed?  Me too!  I've been playing with my inks and my dies.  I had this idea to die cut and then use that die cut as a mask.  I held  the die to the paper using stencil spray, when I pulled off the die cut mask I would have paper that is colored, except where the die mask was placed.  When I pulled off the mask....I was not as happy as I thought I would be.  In truth, I wasn't happy at all.  I threw the mask into the trash and walked away grumbling....

Later I returned to have another look....you know, if you look at something  long enough you might actually like it!  Guess what!  I didn't!  But I hadn't thrown away the mask I'd used on the inside of the card  As I looked at it, a light came on...you know the one that comes on in your craft room when you see something in a different "light".    The mask was actually a very pretty decorated die cut.  I dug in the trash and guess what.  The die I used on the front of the card was in perfect condition.  So, that's how this card began it's life.  

Maybe it will make more sense when I show you my desk top.  I apologize for it's messiness.  
Excuse the photo....I took it at my stand-up desk and the lighting is pretty green!  But you get the idea, right?  See the card in the top left.  It had been covered with the die mask and  I used stencil spray to hold the die to the card stock.  The die on the actual card is what I used as a mask when I was coloring.  After gluing the die to the piece of card stock I thought it looked a little plain, so I ran it though the large dot embossing folder.  Of course I can't live without glitter, so I die cut the hello from glitter card stock and I liked what I saw.  I thought a bit of a pink glitter frame would be nice.  Did you know if you cut paper too short....it will never fit!  Geez!  So, getting into the make lemonade mode, I did what you see.  

Ok, on to the inside....this is what I did.....I used a bit of scrap pink for the inside and another die just like the method I used on the front of the card.  

 I'm going to call this card finished.   And I am going to call me happy!  See there are no mistakes in card making, just happy accidents.  You just have to look at what you've created and find a different way to use your pieces.   

Happy crafting until next time.....may all your mistakes be happy accidents!Mary Signature copy


I love happy mistakes!! I Love your card too!!

Mary, your crafting tale made me laugh out loud!I think we've all been there! Well, for a card that got off to a shaky start, you still hit a home run! This looks beautiful! Great card!

Love the different colors, that is lovely!

Looks beautiful Mary! Loved reading your post!

Great and sweet card Mary, love your quote hehehe I see glitterrrrr, i love it!!!! :)

Pretty card Mary. Loved your story about pulling your die cut out of the trash...lol!

Ha Ha clever lady!!! Card is just great.

Genialny pomysł

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