Best Wishes


and here is the inside....

Best-Wishes-InsideThe inspiration for this card was not a wedding.  The inspiration was the Memory Box Butterfly Vine stencil.  I wanted to make a card that was covered in glitter and when I pulled the stencil away the only place without glitter would be where the stencil was laying. Sadly, this photo doesn't show how pretty this is.  So, a picture is worth 1000 words, right?  The first stencil I did was on green cardstock with chrystal glitter.  This will show you what you see when you remove the stencil. 

Green-GlitterPretty isn't it?  Well, once I did this I couldn't decide what to do with it.  So I repeated the process on white and off white.  I used the off white on the outside of the wedding card.  I used the white on the inside of the card. 

Here's how I assembled the card.  I have a spool of ribbon that I think I've only used once.  I thought it might make a good background for the Massa Leaf Background and the Massa Leaf Outline and it would be easier to have the glue dots stick to the ribbon than directly to the glitter. The Background was cut on Vellum and the outline on Silver glitter cardstock.  I used glue dots to adhere the die cuts to the ribbon.  I then covered where the two dies met with a silk flower.  The sentiment was printed from my computer in gray, and I printed it on vellum using the best photo setting.  l immediately put clear embossing powder over the print and heat embossed it.  I find using the best photo setting keeps the ink wet enough to allow the embossing powder to stick.  A warning, you have to be quick!  The two hearts are embellishments that I purchased by the yard.  I think they really added a lot to this card. The techniques are the same on the inside.  I did make a piece for a personal note and the ribbon on the bottom is not glued to this piece, but rather a gift card could be tucked behind the ribbon. 

I'm happy with how things turned out.  This process was something I've wanted to try for awhile.  I'm glad it worked as well as it did.  Keep in mind, if you use a spray adhesive you'll be spending sometime cleaning your stencil.  If you don't mind glittery stencils, and I don't...you can save yourself some time.  To avoid the glue sticking, I'd suggest using a baste it glue or white water soluable glue sponged onto your paper. 

Have fun playing...Hugs from Northern California




The wedding card is amazingly beautiful! This would be impressive to the bride and groom! Thank you for sharing the step by step tutorial and the tips for using the printer settings. Thank you for sharing this inspiring card today.
Jacquelene L

This is so pretty!

Mary, I love how you tell us how you create your beautiful cards! Your ideas are unique and glamorous! Haven't seen one card I didn't like :)

I'm glad you showed us the green. The card is beautiful but now that I saw the green I know that it is even more beautiful in person. Glitter is very difficult to capture well in photos. Well done on this gorgeous card.

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