Happy cats


today is a National Cat Day in Poland.
On this occasion I prepared a simple card.


I used stencil  Memory Box and  dies Poppystamps.

990   921982 88517

And finally,  I present my two happy cats.
I wish all a nice day.



This post made my day! I love your card with all of the kitties and a very cool background effect. Thank you for sharing this day with us, I don't think they have a National Cat Day in the U.S., but I love the idea of celebrating, being grateful for, and in general treating other living things with respect and compassion. I don't know how you got your cats to pose like that. Whenever I try to take a picture of mine they look away because they don't like the flash. I have two black and white short hair cats that were born as feral cats but were brought inside when they were young and now they are indoor cats. Mine both have a white crest on there neck like yours does but not white whiskers. Gosh, I could talk about cats (especially mine) forever. :) Awesome card. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Beautiful card! They should have an international cat day, celebrated everywhere.

lovely ! cats and a card :)

I love your card and I love your kitties. They look so cute posing for the picture! :)

SO cute,I like the way you used the stencil with the lattice die. love your kitties too!

Oh how adorable.Loving all the puddy cats.... Fab background too.Inspiring.Hugs Debbie x

This is so cute, love it. I didnt know that had a cat day in Poland Irena and Im Polish maybe because I live in the U.S. Your kitty card is adorable and so are your REAL kitties.

Love your card!!!!!! and your catsssss hehehe

Love the card! We have 3 indoor cats, and take care of a feral colony as well. With the bitter Illinois temperatures and tons of snow this year, more and more cats have showed up for food and water. There is the regular group that is always around, that we had previously trapped and had neutered through Sterile Feral organization, but now there are some newcomers that we need to try and trap for neutering as well, in an effort to keep the numbers of ferals down. I always feel so bad for these poor kitties, who someone got rid of, and now becomes our problem. I can't turn my back on them. One of the large black kitties eventually got used to people, and is now a member of our household. He is a sweetie, so quite possibly was a housecat at some point in his life. Anyway, nice card!

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