The Seattle Humane Society is AMAZING!


Hi everyone - my name is Cooper Brethauer! My sister and I started this company, poppystamps, as a way to learn about my mom and dad's business (Memory Box) in 2008. I have learned how to invoice and pack, as well as understand how a business works. It's fun seeing what people make from the stamps that we sell - and I've learned a lot about how websites work!

In November 2010, my family went to the Seattle Center to meet Jane Goodall and listen to her speak about animals. She has done a lot of work saving gorillas and she is the founder of the Roots and Shoots organization. The Roots and Shoots organization helps kids make a positive difference in their communities and I decided we should start our own group, called The Purple Polar Bears! We thought that we could use poppystamps as a way to learn about business and help animals at the same time.

My sister and I talked my Dad into doing a charity class at a local stamp store (Impress Rubber Stamps in Tukwila, Washington) on February 14, 2011 - where all fees would be donated to the Seattle Humane Society. We ended up getting 62 people to sign up and raised $620 - I helped with the class all day long, getting supplies for people and passing materials out to everyone. I couldn't believe how many people wanted to help! I want to have an even bigger event in 2012!

We gave the donation to the Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington - and they were nice enough to give us a tour. We started by visiting the dog kennels - dogs have always been my favorite animal, are they yours? 




This is a picture of Jenna Pringle (my sister Emma is on the left, Jenna is in the middle and I'm on the right). Jenna Pringle is the executive assistant at the Humane Society in Bellevue, Washington. Here are some pictures of animals that need adopting...




This dog is behind glass in a small room. It has an opening so that they can get out and walk around. The people at the animal shelter clean out these rooms daily and walk the dogs and take really good care of them.


We received a letter from the CEO of the Seattle Humane Society, David Loewe, thanking us for our donation. 


I felt bad for all of the animals that were at the shelter, not having homes to stay in. Jenna was nice and so were the workers there. If you are interested in having one of these pets, contact the shelter. I learned that there are a lot of animals that need adoption. I would adopt one, except that we already have two dogs!

In the summer of 2011, my sister and I went on a tour of the United States with my Mom and Dad - visiting stores that sell our poppystamps products and Memory Box products. And of course, we brought our dogs along for the 6 week trip!

My sister and I helped out (while my dad taught workshops) by handing out materials, sharpening pencils, and helping the students. At the end of the workshops, we'd bring the dogs in and the people would love it!


My dog, Kip, was asked to "sign" one of the student's supply bags at the Paper Garden store in Sacramento. He's a really social dog, so he's ready for anything! Here I am getting ready to help him...


...we inked up one of his paws...


...then carefully pressed it onto the bag.


And you can see, that he is officially part of the tour! The student even let me sign my name too!

I think it's important for people to remember how important it is to take good care of their animals. Keep in mind all of the good work that the Humane Society does in your city!


Congratulations, Emma and Cooper on making a difference for animals in need. We missed you both this summer when your Mom and Dad came to my store, The Cat's Meow. I understand you had a previous engagement at tennis camp, so maybe we will see you next time. I have been trying to get your Dad to come teach at our annual event, The Great Yosemite Stamp Escape.

I am very impressed with your fundraiser for the Seattle Humane Society. I am president of our local SPCA, and we are getting ready to break ground to build a shelter. It will be a lot of work, and lots of money is needed. Maybe when we are a little farther along, we can put something together with you and your Mom and Dad to help the animals here, too. Again, congratulations on your efforts. Learning not only how to run a business, but how to give back to your community will ensure your success in life!

Sharon Fitzgerald
The Cat's Meow

What a great post! I give a lot of money to shelters, as I can't even bear to go visit them for fear I'd leave with 10 new pets! Or more! What great work you are doing, and learning the biz at the same time! BRAVO!

Cooper and Emma,
What a wonderful thing you are doing, I wish more of our younger generations would get involved like you are!! Great job and so terrific that you are helping those whom can not help themselves!! I have always supported our local shelter and will always continue to do so. I am an avid animal love and always have been, I used to have 5 dogs, but they all passed away to old age, and now only have one do to health issues, If I could care for me I would! I also used to have cats, horses, fish, birds, guinea pigs, snakes turtles, you name I have had it as a pet. Animals are so vital to our world.
And I just love your Kip, so adorable!!And your family trip, sounds like it was a wonderful family vacation!
Thanks for all you do, and I just LOVE my poppy stamps and dies!! Memory Box is the best.

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