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Sun 09

Easter Egg Decoration
by Olga Direktorenko

This simple Easter decoration is really easy to make - it has a Styrofoam base and some die cuts attached on top of mix media background. The video tutorial with step by step instructions is included.


Thank you for stopping by and happy crafting!

Olga Floral Signature copy



who needs chocolate when you could have eggs like these as pretty as a Faberge egg but worth more sentimentally than a Faberge would cost, love it just so pretty.


This is so pretty and would look great at each place setting at the table. Thank you for sharing this, it is lovely.

The egg is gorgeous and the video is delightful and informative. This egg will bring a touch of nature to anyone's Easter table.

Sooo Beautiful!!!

Another stunning creation

Hi Olga, This Easter Egg creation looks stunning !! I'm eager to watch the video to see how you have created this beauty.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

C'est magnifique !!!
Bravo !

How fun! I can imagine an Easter table filled with different colors...

WoW!! This egg is gorgeous! The egg would make a special decoration at each place on the Easter table. Kids could help make the eggs and make it a fun family project. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, inspiring project today.
Jacquelene L

that is gorgeous, love the branches on it with the pretty flowers, great idea for the base!


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