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6 posts from November 2010

Mon 29

Suki's Sweet Garden


The sweet little Suki stamp is fun to color - and she is just the right size to pair up with the floral images in our collection. I thought it would be fun to put her in a garden setting - with a willow in the background and some flowers floating in the air!


249C Suki Sweetheart

245D Dancing Willow

252A Tiny Sakura

Eggshell and Blue Poppy Cardstock

Sparkling Diamond Jewels 

Versamagic Gingerbread and Tea Leaves Inkpad

Copic Markers:

    Skin:E51, E50, RV10

    Robe:YG63, YG23, YG01, YG0000,BV13, B41

    Sakura Blossoms: BV20, B41

Brilliance Graphite Black Inkpad

Prismacolor PC989 Chartreuse - used on the Dancing Willow Leaves

How to:

1. Stamp the Tiny Sakura in a row across a layer of Eggshell cardstock and color in with Copic markers. Cut around the blossoms across the top of the row - and add diamond jewels to their centers.
2.Mask off the edges of the layer with Post It tape or Eclipse masking tape. You'll want to cover around the edges - making sure that about 1/4 inch border is masked off around the left, right and bottom edges.
3. Using a dauber, sponge some Tea Leaves ink onto the cardstock (lightly). Then, using a separate dauber, sponge the Gingerbread ink right at the edges of the Post It tape.
4. Remove the post it tape to reveal the border!
5. Stamp Suki and the Dancing Willow onto Blue Poppy cardstock (4 x 5 1/4 inches). Stamp Suki a second time onto plain white cardstock - color her in, cut out and mount onto the blue poppy layer. Add a few more Tiny Sakura images, floating across the scene.
We added some stitching around the sponged border - and then mounted everything onto an Eggshell card. 
Suki is such a cute image to use - we love coloring her kimono in different ways!


Mon 22

Winter Wishes

Here's a simple card with a wintry Asian theme - and a sparkly glittered bird featuring the Memory Box Collection In the Forest Design Adhesives.  Berry Pearl Stickers, like luminous red winterberries, add the final touch.

The Memory Box Collection of Design Adhesives was introduced just in time for fall and holiday cards. They're great with glitter, flocking, Designer Foils, and embossing powder.  Glitter, flocking and foils don't require heat - just apply them to the adhesive patterns - that's it!  See the patterns here.  (The Flurries set is sold out at the Memory Box warehouse, but your favorite Retailer may still  have some - it's a very popular pattern!)

Experiment with the basic design of this card - try red flocking for the bird too! 



Sun 21

Rich Red Peony


The wavy open petals of the elegant Peony Blossom (239D) complement the intricate details of the Wave Background (256G) here.  The blossom was stamped three times, then punched twice to add ruffled layers of texture.  Peonies are spring flowers...but layered in rich red, this peony stamp could multi-task as a winter-blooming camellia.

Our new Soiree Shimmer Slate A2 Notecard is also featured here, with an accent strip of Soiree Onyx Shimmer Cardstock.  I like the monochromatic look of layered grays, blacks and shaded reds.  Hope you do too!

P1020344 P1020360 P1020356

Here are the directions for this card:

Memory Box Products

  • 256G  Wave Background
  • 239D  Peony Blossom
  • Soiree Cherry Cardstock
  • Soiree Onyx Shimmer Cardstock
  • Soiree Slate Shimmer A2 Notecard
  • White Pearl Stickers

Other Products

  • VersaFine Onyx Black Inkpad
  • Dauber
  • Detail Clear Embossing Powder
  • EK Success Small and Medium Flower Punches


  • Stamp Wave Background on Soiree Cherry Cardstock with Onyx Black and emboss it
  • Trim the excess cardstock and ink the edges with Onyx Black
  • Stamp Peony Blossom on Cherry Cardstock three times with Onyx Black and heat-set the ink
  • Punch medium flower and small flowers from the stamped images
  • Notch each petal with pinking shears and ink the edges with Onyx Black
  • Trim the cardstock of the remaining image to approximately 2" x 2" and ink the edges with Onyx Black
  • Layer the punched flowers over the original image 
  • Cut a 1-1/2" x 3" strip of Soiree Onyx Shimmer Cardstock
  • Attach the pieces to a Soiree Slate Shimmer A2 Notecard
  • Attach three White Pearl Stickers below the peony

Have fun making this card...it's also great with Soiree Blossom Cardstock.




Thu 18

Alices {Little} Wonderland


We've been big fans of Alice over at Alice's {Little} Wonderland for awhile - she is so good at coloring with copic markers! Alice was kind enough to feature a couple of cards that use our winter poppystamps images - and she did such a beautiful job!


Her sewing and layering make the cards so fun - and you can see her beautiful style comw through in both creations. 

If you are interested in the stamps she used, just go to our site and browse all of our beautiful designs! Click here to see poppystamps!

Tue 16

Dragonfly Collage {Part 2}


This is the second part of the Dragonfly Collage tutorial (click here if you need to review the first part of the tutorial). Your piece should be dry and your wings colored in. Today, we are going to apply some glaze and alcohol inks. Until you get the hang of applying the glaze, my advice is to add a little more glaze (Glossy Accents) than you think you might need. If there is too little of the glaze, then there will be dry areas, making the alcohol inks less likely to migrate across your design. 

The alcohol inks, on the other hand, should be used sparingly. A drop of alcohol ink can travel quite far - obscuring the designs below it. Light colors of ink can go (one drop at a time) in the middle of the design, but darker colors should be dropped at the very edges.

Continued from the Dragonfly Collage {Part 1}:

11. Squeeze Glossy Accents onto the design. You want to begin with about a 1 1/2 inch puddle of the glaze - remember to add more if there are any dry areas after you begin spreading. You want to coat the paper to the edge of the stamped background.


12. Gently spread the glaze with the foam brush. You want to leave a layer of glaze over the surface - if you press too hard, then the glaze will be too thin. Add more glaze as necessary so that all portions are glazed.


13. Add 3 drops of the Light Walnut Alcohol ink - allow to spread for about 10 seconds.


14. Add a single drop of the Apricot colored alcohol ink. Have the Aqua Blue alcohol ink ready to drop on top of the Apricot.


15. Note that the Apricot ink "pushes" the Light Walnut ink out of the way - use this to your advantage. Fresh drops of color can move ink out of the way a little - and where they meet little crispy edges of color develop and settle in the glaze. This adds beautiful texture once the piece had dried.

16. Put two drops of Aqua Blue on top of the Apricot ink - the two colors will mix together to create an olive tone of ink. Don't worry if some of the Apricot doesn't mix completely, the technique creates random (but beautiful!) results.


17. At this point, the alcohol ink might be overwhelming the design, so it's time to add a few drops of the colorless blender solution. This will dilute the ink colors that are spreading on the glaze, plus it will push them around a little. Notice that we are trying to keep the area over the dragonfly relatively free of color.


18. Add a drop of Walnut (not the Light Walnut) ink in the corners. You may have to do all four corners, but my design had so much dark color in the lower right that it wasn't necessary. Allow the Walnut color to migrate a little towards the center.


19. Add a few drops of Canary Yellow and Warm Gray over the dragonfly image. Let them move for about 10 seconds through the glaze.


20. Using the foam paintbrush that you used to apply the glaze, carefully drag darker colors around the perimeter of the background. You might dab a little here and there, trying to balance out the left side and right side, so that they are equally (more or less) dark at the edges.

21. Find a flat place for your piece to dry and leave untouched for at least 12 hours for the glaze to set up. The colors will diffuse and settle - each piece will be unique!


All that's left to do is trim and mount! After cutting the image out, it fits nicely onto a 3 1/8 x 4 1/8 layer (we used black mat board for a sturdy surface). Adhere the glazed piece to the layer with plenty of adhesive (I used an Scotch ATG gun). We taped a 6x6 piece of patterned paper (Evening Roost 6x6 paper from Memory Box) to a 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 piece of black mat board - the warm tones in the glazed piece look great with the shades of the patterned paper. Finally we mounted things together with small pieces of foam mounting tape to give it a little "lift".


Look closely at your finished piece - I love the way that the color drifts and mixes around the piece. Good luck with your own project!




Mon 15

Dragonfly Collage {Part 1}


This collage project uses a dimensional lacquer and alcohol inks to create a beautiful finish layered over a stamped image. The way the alcohol moves through the lacquer is different every time you do this project - so it's fun to watch how it turns out! You'll need to dry this overnight before final assembly - don't use a heat gun to dry the glaze or the glaze will bubble.


257G Fancy Background

247D Large Dragonfly

Frost White Shimmer Cardstock

Glossy Accents

(2) Foam Paintbrushes

*Copic Reinkers : Y02 Canary Yellow, YR16 Apricot, BG01 Aqua Blue, E57 Light Walnut, W2 Warm Gray No.2, E59 Walnut, Colorless Blender

*any alcohol based reinker can be used in similar colors

Brilliance Graphite Black Inkpad

Brilliance Pearlescent Chocolate Inkpad

Prismacolor PC992 Light Aqua, PC989 Chartreuse, PC938 White

Black Mat Board cut to 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 inches

Black Mat Board cut to 3 1/8 x 4 1/8 inches

6x6 piece of Evening Roost cardstock

How to:

1.) Brush pink paint over the surface of the Frost White cardstock.

2. Brush yellow paint over the pink paint - don't cover the paper completely. Smooth out any thick areas so that it will be easy to stamp on - in other words, keep the surface as flat as possible.


3. Stamp the Large Dragonfly (247D) with Graphite Black ink. Dry completely or heat set with a heat gun.


4. Stamp the Dragonfly image onto a post-it note and cut out a "mask". You will use this in the next step to black out an area from being filled in. Cut the mask bigger than the actual dragonfly image. Here is what it should look like once cut out.


5.Place the mask over the dragonfly image - try to line up the image on the mask as best you can with the image on the painted paper.

6. Stamp the Fancy Background 257G with Pearlescent Chocolate ink onto the mask and painted paper.



7. Remove the mask from the paper. Since the mask was cut oversized, there is a "glow" around the dragonfly. I like to make the "glow" big enough that you can see the different paint colors in that space. This will make more of a difference later after you have added the Glossy Accents to the piece.


8. Allow the ink to dry or heat set with a heat gun. Begin coloring the dragonfly wings in with the Light Aqua colored pencil. Color heavy at the tips of the wings and then fade the color as you move towards the center.


9. Now use the Chartreuse colored pencil to shade in the middle area on the wings. Slightly overlap onto the Light Aqua areas.


10. Next, use the White colored pencil to blend the Chartreuse areas towards the end of the wings. Press hard to blend the waxy pencil colors together.


We'll finish the rest of the collage tomorrow. Make sure that all the ink is dry, so that when the Glossy Accents is applied, the ink won't smear.