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4 posts from October 2009

Thu 15

Look Out Below!


We can't get enough of snow scenes and so we were excited to use Flower Soft's "Polar White" on our card ideas!
The Sledding Time stamp (233D), with the dog's scarf trailing behind as they race down a hill is the perfect stamp to use with the Flower Soft. It really does look like a flurry of snow - it's more realistic than any product we've worked with in the past! We found that packing the Flower Soft into the wet glue and letting it dry before taking any excess off works well - and you can always add a little more glue and Flower Soft if an area seems weak.
We wanted the snow to sort of "fly off" the sled, so we drew a line of glue to the edge of the card - making it look as though the sled just landed in the middle of the scene.
Warm Grey Copic markers were a nice match with the SIlver Notecard from the Memory Box Soiree Notecard collection - and add a little shimmer to the greeting.
Wed 14

Up on the Housetop...


...reindeer puppy paws! This image is our current studio favorite - we dressed up one of the dog images as a reindeer and added a bold red scarf. The design is clean, cute and easy to stamp - no wonder it's our favorite!
Shade the edges of the dog in Cool Shadow Copic Marker, add some Lipstick Red to the scarf and you are done with Reindeer Rex (231C). Mount on a red layer and then onto a Robins Egg notecard from Memory Box. We embossed the Paw Print 229B with White embossing powder - for a cool effect.
More ideas on this one keep coming - decorate the antlers with some lights maybe? Or wrap his neck with a ribbon "scarf". Or maybe decorate his scarf with a punched out Holly Leaf and berries? This image has lots of possibilities!
Tue 13

Daniel Digger


The weather hasn't quite gotten cold enough yet for snow here in Seattle, but after last winter we are planning on the cold weather ahead. We didn't realize how little we were prepared until last December, when record snowstorms stopped up the airport and made driving next to impossible. We woke up early to head for the airport to fly to Colorado for some "snow time" at the end of December, and found an early morning challenge of digging our way through the front yard to get to the car! Incidentally, while we were in Colorado, the weather warmed up and we saw no snow, and in fact, we had one day in the low 60's! 
Well, one of the first things we did was get a new shovel - which reminds me of this guy, Daniel Digger (230C). A squirt of glitter glue, a piece of patterned paper from our new snow+cedar 6x6 paper pack and some rosy cheeks - voila, a wintry greeting.
The new snow+cedar patterned paper pack is full of a tiny, distressed polkadot pattern (love those dots) - in 10 different color schemes. The color scheme - pinks, browns, aquas, reds and creams - goes a little towards holiday, but I guess could be used year round. We're planning on using it on EVERYTHING! The 6x6 paper pack has 3 sheets each of 10 different color schemes - for a total of 30 beautiful, polka dotted sheets!
Mon 12

Tag! You're It!


This was a seriously fun design - and so fast! We designed the running pup to go with the other dog images, but when we stamped it with Fred Frolic - it was perfect! We wanted to create a lively scene - where the two are running across a snowy field, snow flying behind them. Stamping the two of them on a white piece of paper and then adding dabs of clear glitter glue below and behind the characters creates the illusion.
We wanted most of the colos to be neutral shades of blue that would blend in with the notecard. Then, when we added red to the dog's collar and Fred's hat, those two pieces really popped out. A coordinating red layer of paper ties everything together!